Zimbabwe: The love for trying to create a Mugabe dynasty is leading to President Mugabe’s disgraceful downfall.

Updates from Zimbabwe: The love for trying to create a Mugabe dynasty is leading to President Mugabe’s disgraceful downfall.

On Monday, Commander Constantino Chiwenga said: “We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in.” He had previously spoken out against Mr Mugabe’s decision to sack his vice president Emerson Mnangagwa, 75, last week.

Mr Mnangagwa, a veteran of the country’s 1970s liberation war, was a popular figure in the military and had been regarded as a likely successor to Mr Mugabe, who at 93-years-old is the world’s oldest head of state.

Developments on Tuesday, 14/11/2017

  1. More than 100 senior officials who allegedly supported vice president Emerson Mnangagwa have been listed for disciplinary measures by a faction associated with Mugabe’s wife.

  2. The all-powerful veteran association came out to denounce a Grace Mugabe presidency.

  3. General Constantino Chiwenga orders the mechanised force supported by Special Forces to move to Harare and secure key installation.

  4. The national radio is controlled by the mechanised force, men who are loyal to General Constantino Chiwenga and today’s evening news has been taken off the air.

  5. The newly named Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport is under the security of the mechanised brigade.

  6. All universities shut down, to stop any disturbances from ZANU-PF youth wing who are loyal to Grace Mugabe.

  7. The mechanised brigade and Special Forces moved in quickly to put under house arrest the head of President Mugabe’s presidential guard Brigadier-General Anselem Sanyatwe.

  8. Robert Gabriel Mugabe Way is blocked, thus making President Robert Gabriel Mugabe held hostage in his residence.


By position his wife to be his successor, a woman who is gradually hated in Zimbabwe was a sober count down for the Mugabes. Everyone within ZANU-PF knows that Grace Mugabe is currently in control of all decisions that her husband makes. The removal of Vice President Joice Mujuru and last week vice president Emerson Mnangagwa was seen within the ZANU-PF hierarchy as Grace Mugabe directions rather than President Robert Mugabe’s decisions. What the Mugabes miscalculated was Gen Constantino Chiwenga’s reaction.

The Mugabes always considered Gen Constantino Chiwenga as a coward who would always salute for any master in the presidential palace.

Sources at the senior levels of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces indicate that the move to remove VP Mnangagwa was prompted by President Mugabe’s rapidly deteriorating health.

The president’s Malaysian urologist and Chinese doctors have informed the First Lady that the president is unlikely to live for more than a month due to mounting complications from his long standing prostate cancer.

The cocktail of medications that have been administered to Mugabe over a long period of time are having less and less effect and the side effects of the cancer such as fluid retention and decreased lung capacity are believed likely to cause a “failure of the organism” within weeks if not days.

Before his rally at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium on Saturday 4th/11/2017, Mugabe’s medical team were concerned that the dosage of medication required to put the president on his feet might prove fatal. Mugabe therefore urged the first lady to seize the moment and make the long-awaited strike against Mnangagwa before the VP had time to do the same to her and the children.

The president is said to fear a situation in which he dies with Mnangagwa in a de facto position to take the presidency. He is believed to have advised the first lady to “kill” Mnangagwa “before he kills us”. He also instructed the first lady that the head of the Defence Forces, Constantine Chiwenga, was “a long standing coward who will salute anybody who will win”, so the key element was to “ensure that he salutes you first and not Mnangagwa”. This has been a miscalculation on the part of the Mugabes who assumed that Gen Constantine Chiwenga would accept a Grace Mugabe presidency.

We continue to follow how politics unfold in Zimbabwe, the crumbling of Mugabe’s administration and the eventual end of an era.


By Rpf Gakwerere