You need to scratch your head very hard to find out kagame’s genuine friends in Africa. He’s a hated guy

By Sam Byaruhanga

That’s kagame for you, he thrives at backstabbing people considered as his mentors or close friends. He has no friends and he doesn’t care at all. He’s a bitter tiny man who’s favourite hobby is killing his perceived enemies.

President Moi despised kagame so much after he killed honourable Seth sendashonga on Kenyan soil using Rwandan embassy employee in kenya, a diplomat called Mugabo, Moi was so mad that he cut off diplomatic relationship with Rwanda, President kikwete hated kagame with a passion, he knew kagame in and out, Kikwete knew very well that it was kagame who assisnated presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira of Burundi with anti aircraft missile attack, at that time Col kikwete was the head of TZ intelligence services and so he knew alot.

The killing of 2 presidents who were returning from persuing peace talks in TZ tells you alot who kagame is, President Nelson mandela deeply despised kagame, he was very annoyed when Kagame imprisoned president Pasteur Bizimungu on very silly fabricated lies – charges. When pictures of president Bizimungu putting on prison clothes with his trademark thick glasses appeared in global media outlets, president Mandela, who himself had greatly suffered the pangs of vicious prison life, begged Kagame to release Bizimungu but the satanic and bloodthirsty kagame refused. Mandela never forgave Kagame.

In south Africa today, Kagame is hated after assisnating col Karegyeya at their doorsteps and attempting to finish off Gen Nyamwasa.

In DRC, Kabila spends sleepless nights because he knows the snake Kagame is looming large in the neighborhood. Magufuli is also waking up to reality after recent Intel emerged implicating and pinning Rwanda and kagame for killing 14 Tanzania peacekeepers in DRC.

You need to have seen anger exhibited by TZ and Burundi this week during election of Martin Ngoga as speaker of EAC. TZ MPs abused n insulted rwanda MPs. Hon Kivejinja had to restrain TZ guys; that’s how bad it is.

You need to scratch your head very hard to find out kagame’s genuine friends in Africa. He’s a hated guy..