With Paul Kagame At The Helm, How Can Rwandans Reconcile?

History is the most important part of Human Development for it defines who we become as a people and also help us prepare for the future challenges.

In Rwanda,each regime has tried everything within its powers to suppress the achievements of the previous regime and this has mostly been done by revisiting critical facts that constitute the History of the state.

So far none of the Heads of State Rwanda has had in the past has shown that Rwanda is bigger than theirpolitical ambitions and to make matters worse,the sense of patriotism is only as expressed by the Political Party in Power,not the political rubric that brings a people together whose core ideals are reflected in National Unity.

I love to think that each regime has chosen to ignore Historical Realities due to circumstances beyond their control but isn’t compromising the necessary facts that enable any outsider to know more about Rwanda rather preposterous? FULL STORY