With Me is a confidential report on Kagali’s effort to undermine Uganda’s Security.

By: Seruga Titus.

You will bare with me because the report is big so am going to bring it in phases, simply follow the page to get feeds.

Part One.

Rwandan government through National security and intelligence service (NSIS) have recruited Rwandese students and soldiers studying in Uganda at Kampala University (KU) of Prof Badru Katerega into Rwandese Secret Service to do covert operations and missions in Uganda.

420 students of who are doing clinical medicine at Kampala University School of medicine at Mutundwe Kampala suburb. 172 of the 420 students are soldiers from RDF and members of the NSIS on study deployment. 820 students are at KAMPALA UNIVERSITY LUWEERO Campus. 320 of the 820 students are staffs of NSIS and 56 are soldiers from RDF.

Rwanda intends to develop a secret communication port comprising of state of the art communication and cyber capability with servers that can be controlled through NSIS cyber department in Kigali. This will help these students to be able to obtain various information from various departments of government, personalities and entities and transmit them back to Kigali anonymously without being detected.

The system includes installing high mobility communication capacitor and bugging system in place to facilitate and act as a hub for this intended network. They plan to acquire the systems in two separate units with the capabilities of obtaining data, tapping communication, obtaining transaction records from all banks in Uganda, obtaining audio and jamming or intercepting other such communication from third parties. The systems will not be installed in a building since the authorities may suspect and decide to search buildings. So a plan has been drawn to buy two buses with large undercarriage which shall be donated to Kampala University Luweero Campus and Kampala University Mutundwe Campus respectively.

The devices shall be mounted in the undercarriage of the buses with a small control point down there. It shall be powered by solar panels mounted on top of the buses to power them during the time the buses may not be in use. Even though such equipment may transmit from anywhere, having them on the buses has more convenience than building and can be used anywhere anytime the buses shall carry the writing such as donated to KU by Rotary club of Kigali.

The Rwandan student’s association president shall have more powers on the usage of the buses making it easier for them to drive to the targeted area without inconvenience from the administration of the university. The students have control handlers based in Ngoma, Nakaseke district. Another group of students shall work towards ensuring they join Uganda people defense force, Uganda police and prisons. For example in the just concluded recruitment, 128 Rwandese agents managed to infiltrate and recruited into the UPDF and are already undergoing training at Kaweweta Training school.

A strategy was put in place to excite the recruitment Officers with money. These agents were made to travel and follow the recruitment Officers in every district where the recruitment were taking place. Some were recruited from Kololo, Mubende, Masaka, Gulu, Apac and other districts in Uganda whereas they were not from there. The recruitment Officers would disqualify half of the quota expected from a particular district and replace them with these Rwandese agents unknowing that they are on secret mission. Each agent paid between 2.5 million to 3 million to be recruited. Once they finish training, they are expected to ensure they escape from the army at least with a gun each and settle in the remote part of Ngoma close to Kaweweta military Training school. Other groups who join police and prisons are expected to do the same.

Those in the prison sector will be expected to facilitate escapes of persons convicted for having links with Rwanda, facilitate the poisoning of suspect feared to tell the truth about links with Rwanda in case they are held for sensitive issues whereby disclosing would jeopardize everything. In that case the agent former RRU operative karugaba Stephen Tel no. 0782449574 has already been identified to start working closely with senior officers in the police to ensure that 300 cadets join police but these will be men and women of Rwanda Army and NSIS.

To be continued shortly

You have heard Museveni on so many occasions saying He will not allow people taking away the peace of Ugandans, this is what he was taking about, not the opposition because the opposition is within the law and not carrying any guns to fight him.