Why would Uganda be obliged to help a hostile state like Rwanda?

Criminal Paul Kagame’s loudspeaker is complaining why Uganda isn’t giving facilities to Rwandair yet awarding those facilities to middle eastern airlines. We are in a global economy, Uganda has to look at her interests and award contracts to those that provide the best financial returns.

In this case, Middle eastern airlines are paying far higher premium to Uganda than what Rwandair was willing to pay. Now, the noise neighbour that was used of getting free favours from Uganda is complaining and lamenting. Any way, why would Uganda be obliged to help a hostile state???

For the last four years, Rwanda/Rwandair has been paying next to nothing for using Entebbe airport facilities, at the end of the contract Uganda wanted an improved deal and the cry baby neighbour wanted the usual free things. Obviously, as a sovereign Country, Uganda awarded the use of entebbe airport facilities to Middle east airlines as they were paying greater premiums…

Rpf Gakwerere