Why is Clare Akamanzi hiding the names of who would be her bridegroom?

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Rwandans especially those in opposition have been posting on Social media about the on coming introduction ceremony of criminal Paul Kagame’s side dish Clare Akamanzi; the ceremony which will be held on the 23rd/06/2018 in Kigali has been a protected secret of the state. Kagame’s media and his social media attack dogs have remained quiet on the subject especially how they are usually aroused by ceremonies that are to be held by fellow sycophants.

Why are they quiet on the ceremony of criminal Paul Kagame’s side dish – Clare Akamanzi? In the invitation cards, the names of would be bridegroom isn’t included for secrecy purpose.

On the invitation card below, there are contact names. One of the contact person, Shivon Byamukama is one of Clare Akamanzi’s best friend since campus days at Makerere University law school, where Clare Akamanzi was an evening student on a private sponsorship….

For those who inboxed me inquiring the authenticity of the invitation card, I can totally confirm the invitation is auntentic.

Since Clare Akamanzi is a public servant, a participant in her boy friend – criminal Paul Kagame’s human right crimes, state corruption, embezzlement and public wastes. Rwandans have the right to know her.

It is from this background that I will be posting about her university days, who paid for her degree at MUK, her relationship with criminal Paul Kagame, how her former boyfriends fled to exile and others poisoned, and the coming wedding to a Makerere University lecturer – I will provide his names that the regime has kept secret. Why has criminal Paul Kagame finally allowed her to get married.

STAY TUNNED…..the corporal has to first finish his daily job that provides bread to the table.

By Rpf Gakwerere

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