In criminal Paul Kagame’s security circle, both Gen Francis Mutiganda and Col Gerard Butera were known as Gen Jack Nziza’s blue eyed boys. These two officers have risen through the ranks with the help of Jack Nziza; to them Gen Jack Nziza is a mentor. Unlike other officers within the RDF, death merchant – Gen Jack Nziza always supported and took care of his blue eyed boys.

At the pick of his career, as de-facto vice president of Rwanda, Jack Nziza made sure he posted his trusted blue eyed boys and girls in key juice positions in the army, in both public and private sector. It is through this background that Francis Mutiganda and Gerard Butera rose. Before their dismissal, Gen Mutiganda and Col Butera were external intelligence chief and Chief of Protocol respectively.

However, after criminal Paul Kagame sideling his long time attack dog – General Jack Nziza, the purge went for those who were attached to death merchant Jack Nziza. One by one, they were unplugged from their juice positions, a process which started with the removal of Col Franco Rutagengwa as the head of DMI; Col Franco was a trusted former ADC to Gen Jack Nziza.

Rumored accounts behind the dismissal of Gen Francis Mutiganda and Col Gerard Butera

1. One of the account (rumor) within the security circle, Gen Francis Mutiganda was dismissed due to his failures and weakness to obtain sensitive information from neighboring countries, especially Burundi and Uganda. Criminal Paul Kagame is obsessed with intelligence information, and in this case, his external intelligence chief wasn’t fetching any concrete and vital information especially from neighboring states.

2. Another account states that Gen Francis Mutiganda had failed to conduct any assassination operation in accordance to the list of targets approved by criminal Paul Kagame. Under the junta regime in Kigali, assassinations especially external assassinations can’t be executed without the approval of criminal Paul Kagame. The lists of these external targets have yearly increased and Gen Francis Mutiganda as the head of external intelligence had failed to successfully carry out potential operations against these highly approved targets.

According to intelligence source within the junta regime, these assassination targets are senior military and intelligence personnel in Uganda, Burundi and DR Congo. Political figures in Uganda and Burundi. Senior figures in the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), Anti Paul Kagame figures in diaspora especially the noise makers….etc. The failure of Gen Francis Mutiganda to shed blood of innocent people among the targeted individuals led to criminal Paul Kagame to sack his external intelligence chief on 4th October 18.

3. Another account points at the issue of infighting within various security organs, and these infightings led to the removal of Gen Francis Mutiganda, Col Gerard Butera and Col Lt Col Emmanuel Rukundo. Within Rwanda’s various security – intelligence organs, there have always been infightings. These have always been designed by criminal Paul Kagame in order to make these peasants officers report each other to their master. These house boy officers are always reporting each other to their master like children from an elite family. And in this case, Gen Francis Mutiganda and Col Gerard Butera were targets of systematic attacks from other peasant officers within intelligence organ. From my contacts within Rwanda’s intelligence circle, they note that, “there is infighting among the various intelligence organs for the black box money (operation funds).”

Black box money, these are operational funds meant for classified intelligence work, and in case of Rwanda, it is in millions of dollars. Those intercepted voices in the planning assassination of Gen Kayumba, Col Karegeya and Dr Theogene Rudasingwa explains all about the amount of funds the junta regime is willing to dish around for an assassinations to succeed. The enormous intelligence operational funds always raise intrigues, backbiting and rumormongering among intelligence officers from various organs within the security service.

According to security sources, since the sidelining of Gen Jack Nziza, the black box money was shifted to the president’s office especially funds meant for external intelligence operations. And after the appointment of Col Gerard Butera as Chief of Protocol within the president’s office, criminal Paul Kagame delegated the youthful Colonel with releasing this cash to approved operations. We all know how criminal Paul Kagame loves the air – travelling, since most of the time his out of the country, it was left to Col Gerard Butera to decide who to release the money too or not, and later he would justify to his boss about the funds released and the reasons.

The role given to control the black box funds created very many enemies for col Gerard Butera. Those that he turned down and refused their request to fund their killing operations or any other intelligence work, sharpened their knives and started feeding criminal Paul Kagame poison intrigues against Col Butera. These unhappy intelligence officers complained to criminal Paul Kagame on how Col Gerard Butera always approves Gen Francis Mutiganda’s requests for funds while their requests are highly dismissed. Accusing Col Gerard for releasing operational funds to Gen Mutiganda, who has failed to show any results while being denied without any justification.

Various sources within security system continue to rumor that these officers were thrown out of their positions because other intelligence officers were briefing criminal Paul Kagame on how these youthful officers are coordinating to steal intelligence operation funds.

4. Other sources point the reshuffle of 4t October 18, as a continuation by criminal Paul Kagame to sweep aside death merchant Jack Nziza’s blue eyed boys. These sources point out that, at the height of his power, Gen Jack Nziza and his blue eyed boys stepped on toes of very many military personnel. After sidelining Jack Nziza, the aggrieved officers went after his blue eyed boys and this is part of the process.