Given the historical context of the country Rwanda, every time a Rwandan President enters a third term, it becomes the Bermuda Triangle for him.

In 1973, President Gregoire Kayibanda was at the end of his third term when a military coup organised by 11 senior officers overthrew him off power. This triggered the long conflict between the southerners and the northerners.

The conflict remained till President Juvenal Habyarimana took his third term in the office and wrongly some countrymen found remedy in betraying their motherland. The feuds resulted in the advantages of Kagame and the RPF.

When Kagame took power in 1994, he promised Rwandans that he was coming to correct the errors of the past and bring the rule of democracy. However, he violated his manifesto and he committed more atrocities than any of his predecessors did.

Today you can see the scandals President Kagame is doing. He is cracking down on political opponents, exiling them, assassinating them, and sending them to prison innocently. He says his regime is democratic but he harasses citizens who present themselves as presidential candidates. You can see how Kagame ousted Faustin Twagiramungu in 2003, how he jailed Victoire Ingabire in 2010 till now, how he’s torturing the Rwigara family and how he’s exerting a great deal of violence on opposition parties.

What shall set Rwandans free? Rwandans will be liberated by a system of rule that will respect the Constitution and like western democracies allow no man to exercise more than two terms in the office.
Otherwise you cannot tackle the problems of Rwanda without first putting an end to power disputes and political unrests that are generated by successive dictatorship.

Jean Rukika