Visit Rwanda where Kids are fed like wild animals.

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By Bosco Mutarambirwa

Rwanda/Video: Kids are fed like wild animals. This is supposed to be a courtyard of some high-end hotel but in this case it is being used as a national park (not a zoo) for human kids. If you still believe Rwanda is the Singapore of Africa, then you have fallen for Kagame’s lies again.

Would you like your child to be among these? Did these children wash their hands before digging in? No. Let alone brushing their teeth. Then how is Kigali referred to as a clean city if its inhabitants are so dirty? What kinds of diseases would your child catch if he/she was enjoying this “delicious” meal with these kids? You don’t wanna know. Then what does that tell you about the state of Rwanda’s healthcare system?

I still fail to see Kagame’s miracle story. I truly believe that no political regime in the world will be a success story when it fails its children. Paul Kagame is no success story, he is one big fat lie to the world.

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