Ugandan intelligence has long proved to General Museveni that stopping all these murders requires cutting ties with Rwanda

By Seruga Titus

Can Uganda stop these Murders? Today I’m going to go deep and expose what many don’t know about these Murders and how best we can stop them immediately.

Solution is simple but appears too hard for general Museveni and his team, some are still living in denial, others think Ugandans are just going to keep crying.

To hell with diplomatic ties, let me give you a list of those killed in Burundi and Uganda, all reports of these murders have become confidential due to the nature of the suspects involved.

Pictures of all officers killed by Rwanda so as advance their missions in East Africa .


1. Brigadier General Athanase Kararuza shot dropping his daughter at school on 24.04.2016.

2. Former Burundi minister for East African Community (EAC) affairs Hafsa Mossi shot 13. 07 2016

3. General Adolphe Nshimirimana was a Burundian military general who served as army chief of staff, as well as a senior presidential adviser for internal security and close political ally of President Pierre Nkurunziza shot dead 02. 08.2015

4. Col Jean Bikomagu was a former army chief. Shot dead 15.08.2015.


1. General Aronda, former CDF killed by poison on 11 September 2015. Known for being anti Rwanda and having ordered strict measures against DMI operations in Kampala.

2. Major General Kaziini And former Army commander, opposed to Kagame ideology and DMI aggression, had a battle with Rwandan forces in Kisangani.

3. Kagezi Joan, the prosecutor is believed to have gotten information about the link between ADF and Rwanda, refused to cooperate and was considered a threat to DMI further operations.

4. Kaweesi Andrew Flex, having worked closely with Kayihura and being point Man Kaweesi knew a lot, when he fell out with Kayihura due to his higher ambition he qualified himself as a target to the DMI.

5. Kirumira Muhammad, Kirumira was known for his high handed methods while dealing with criminals, he was Kaweesi’s closest friend and God Son. Kirumira on many occasions clashed with the criminal police establishment and kept quiet because his God father calmed him down always, when Kaweesi got murdered Kirumira had no more God father to cool him, his confrontations with criminals became so direct and by so doing he had to be punished, he teamed up with a host of individuals in the military and media to expose Kayihura and his criminals while being politically protected by the state, his protection levels went down the day Kayihura and his team were arrested, the state assumed he was no longer a target.

6. Hon Abiriga, killed innocently as pay back for his role, Abiriga had previously disowned plans to fight Museveni with the support of Kagame, Rwanda using its official media house also alleged that its Abiriga Region that trained Rwandan Rebels, killing Abiriga was prime target to disrupt the political setup in the West Nile thereby giving way to new leaders that may expose the allegation that “Rhino Camp is being used to train RCN fighters”

7. Moslem leaders Opposed to ADF, you May recall that Ugandan Intelligence has issued Reports to general Museveni about the ADF and Nickson’s connection, the fact that ADF was highly funded by Rwanda through Ugandans, many Moslem leaders left the ADF using the amnesty deal and joined Museveni secret service team giving operational intel to Museveni who innocently sent it down to Kayihura, this left these leaders exposed, they were killed one by one, all former ADF Moslem leaders with small ties were being killed until the Kayihura group got arrested.

Ugandan intelligence has long proved to General Museveni that stopping all these murders requires cutting ties with Rwanda, in the past all countries that have cut ties have stopped the murders, South Africa dismissed Embassy officials, Burundi opened war on Rwanda and closed all businesses of Rwandan DMI, TZ stopped all ties and no murders take place.

In Uganda we have businesses that intelligences agencies have identified as Rwanda DMI operational bases; Eg. Trinity busses run RDF Col Dodo which employs active RDF soldiers, Atmosphere bar in Kololo, Hide out Bar on Lugogo bypass, Moto Moto bar in Gaba, Pyramid bar in Kansanga etc. These businesses are part of the Kagame terrorist infrastructure because they provide the logistics and and intelligence for the actual terrorist operations. Why aren’t they closed yet??

National Security is the most important of all, our people need to be alive regardless of their political affiliation.

Solution will not be a press conference and calling murderers pigs but to launch serious operations against their bases in Uganda and now Kenya. We can not continuously have people killed in our Country.


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