Uganda: Rwandan Refugees Attacked Before Petitioning Parliament

One of the representatives of Rwandan refugees who had planned to petition Parliament on Wednesday was attacked on Tuesday evening.

The refugee, whose names we are withholding, was only saved by security in Ntinda when unknown assailants reportedly approached and surrounded his car.

The victim had stopped at a supermarket together with his wife and children at around 8pm. 

Immediately he arrived at the supermarket, the attackers emerged from different positions and tried to forcefully open the doors.

“Our colleague yesterday went to his usual supermarket with the members of his family. Some people got to his car with the intention of harming them,” a source who asked not be named told our reporter using a secured line.

The target, who is reportedly in constant communication with security, immediately made a phone call and police arrived in time.

“They were only lucky that police responded in time,” the source added.

The invaders fled the place using a waiting car and bodabodas before they could be apprehended by police.

We reported Tuesday that a group of Rwanda refugees were planning on presenting of petition to Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. These say they are living under threats of kidnap and summary extraditions.

Parliament’s communication directorate on Tuesday late evening sent out messages to journalists to cover the event today.

Another message was however sent at the last minute saying the event has been cancelled without giving details.

According to sources, security advised Parliament to first call off the arrangement and refugees have also been told not to get out of their homes.

The petition is expected to be presented today or Thursday or Friday.