Uganda: Gashumba who housed known killers of col.karegyeya in custody as well.

By San Byaruhanga

Gashumba is a certified conman who has eluded court convictions cz of smartness in covering his tracks..a Tutsi Rwandan by birth, gashumba was born n raised near nyendo masaka..a graduate of makerere university, gashumba has never held any known job..he’s bn a conman all his adult life..

his known company Mali group is jst a ruse he uses to cover his dark side..he’s close to Rwanda intelligence..some of the known killers of col.karegyeya slept at his mansion in kla..he drove them to ebb airport on their way to Mozambique..gashumba is a very dangerous serpent. .he can do anything for need to know the full story of how stanbic bank garden city branch was robbed to understand gashumba’s dark world..

you also need to know why Gen Salim Saleh ended his close freindship with gashumba in the aftermath of karegyeya’s hotel murder to understand the devil that is gashumba..