This answer to Kagame’s shameless accusations against Uganda and South Africa is hilarious


1) What about the problems you have with Burundi, DR Congo, Tanzania…etc, where they manufactured in South Africa.

2) What about the kidnapping of more than 40 innocent people from the streets of Kampala by your DMI and double agents within Uganda’s security services, where these kidnappings conducted in sovereign country made in South Africa.

3) What about the assassination of patriotic Ugandan military officers at your orders, i.e General James Kazini, Brig Gen Noble Mayombo, Col Sula Semakula, Lt Col. Reuben Ikondere, police officer Muhammad Kirumira…etc, where these assassinations at your orders by DMI also made in South Africa.

For those who know this deranged doctor know very well that he has always been a liar, hypocrite, untruthful and deceptive since his childhood.

4) What about the three assassination attempt against President Museveni, where they made in South Africa?

5) What about phone tapping and real time surveillance through phones on President Museveni, senior strategic security officials and key dignitaries in Uganda. Where these also made in South Africa?

6) What about economic sabotage against a sovereign state – Uganda, especially it’s tourism sector I.e, clandestinely eliminating tourists I.e cases of last year – 2018 and clandestinely supporting uprisings through financial and PR directions. Where these also hatched in South Africa?

7) Where the two containers full of all kinds of assault weapons captured in 2018 entering illegally in Uganda with it’s origin from the noise state also hatched from South Africa?

8 Where the jambiya – panga men in Buganda region and the thugs that used to kill innocent women in Buganda region, made from South Africa? All the ring leaders of these terror networks point a finger at their main sponsors – the terrorist enclave. Why did these attacks stop with the sidelining of double agent Kale Kayihura? There is a correlation between these terror groups that what to create political resentments in Buganda region, double agent Kale Kayihura and the SATANIC SYSTEM in the enclave. I hope the SATANIC ruler from the enclave won’t point his underground crimes in a sovereign country as being made from South Africa.

Gakwerere Rpf