They will look genuine, talk your language, sing your songs; but they are guided by the evil DMI Organization.

Today, Monday the 16/10/17; is another day that Rwandans are waiting for the continuation of the Rwigara soap opera.

This day has made me think on the tragedy of Rwandan society. A society that is conniving devilish – I am not sorry to say that!! A society that is filled with all kinds of betrayals. A society that has swallowed pure hate. A society where moral values are at ascending decay. And all these are due to the fact of being ruled by a criminal regime, that has divided brother against brothers, parents against children, neighbours against neighbours….etc. Mistrust is a theme. AS I ALWAYS SAY, TRUST A NYARU AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

I should be the last person to advise on this. But it won’t be a crime to air out my opinion, especially for those who are being hunted by the criminal regime of Paul Kagame. Always be sure of the people your entrusting yourselves too, sometimes it may be difficult but try your best. They have thousands of methodological pinpoints in betrayal and assassination designs.

One of there main design, is the eulogy of emotional perception under the guise of relationships. Ladies and gentlemen, keep your little love in your pockets until the junta regime goes back to hell, otherwise you will find yourselves being in DMI’s fame of incarceration, torture or eliminated.

They will look genuine, talk your language, sing your songs; but they are guided by the evil DMI Organisation. Always be sure of your surroundings and especially those you confine yourself too. Otherwise, you will find yourself talking with Gen Dan Munyuza’s boys/girls.

As a society, we have reached to the extent where partners are eliminating each others in the name of rewards from the junta – we all know different case studies. We have seen blood related relatives eliminating each other for Caesar’s dime/jobs – case studies are plenty.

Just try your best to keep safe despite the challenges and difficulties. But without doubt, hope and light will succeed over the current darkness.

Greak working week folks.

By Rpf Gakwerere