Before I start analysing at Pastor Prosper Ruvusha, I want to first look at the role of born again churches in DMI’s covert operations, especially in intelligence gathering and surveillance.

In early 2000s, DMI under the leadership of then Lt Col Jack Nziza (now Maj Gen), moved in to assert influence on churches most especially born again churches due to their growing popularity. For the Catholic churches, after 1994, due to guilty in participating in Tutsi genocide, they automatically aligned to RPF/RPA ideology after the war.

Jack Nziza also identified that these born again churches which were springing around Rwanda, where getting lots of aid funds from abroad. With this in mind, he moved in to control these lucrative churches by replacing founding pastors of these churches with DMI controlled pastors. Among these churches, ADEPR churches were targeted due to it’s growth and deep pockets.

With ADEPR under the control of DMI, church leaders of this organisation were turned into potential DMI intelligence personnel with most of them going for military training (ingando). As a DMI operation tool, ADEPR churches became covert operation centres for both internal and external operations.

Externally, DMI established ADEPR churches in Countries which have high concentration of Rwandans for example in Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi…etc, and in both of these countries, Rwandans are reporting these ADEPR churches to their respective authorities for terrorism related cases.

Back, to pastor Prosper Ruvusha, who lives in Mubende, Uganda. Pastor Prosper Ruvusha, is a Munyamulenge who fled his country – DR Congo with his extended family and settled in Rwanda. He studied his university at Butare in Rwanda. After completing at Butare university and failing to secure a job in Rwanda, he went to Norway and asked for asylum in Norway.

UDI, which is the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration didn’t believe to Prosper Ruvusha’s story, he was denied asylum and deported back to Rwanda. While in Rwanda, he learned some few verses of the bible and later became a pastor in ADEPR churches.

With Gen James Kabarebe and Gen Jack Nziza building DMI cells in Uganda, Prosper Ruvusha was identified for deployment. In early 2014, he was deployed in Uganda to head ADEPR church in Mubende.

In order to infiltrate Ugandan society very well, DMI helped him acquire Ugandan documents under the names of Apollinaire Asiimwe born in Ruhama, Ntungamo, Uganda.

Prosper Ruvusha is 100% Munyamulenge born in minembwe, South Kivu in DR Congo. DMI through their agents within Uganda authority were able to acquire documents under operation cover names of Apollinaire Asiimwe born in Ruhama, Ntungamo, Uganda.

In the process of integration, DMI also provided him with funds to start a project called “Christian recycling” which operates at ADEPR church premises in Mubende and Kibuye in Kampala.

Under the cover names of pastor Apollinaire Asiimwe, Prosper Ruvusha has been working directly with Gen James Kabarebe, Gen James Burabyo of Rwanda’s embassy in Uganda and Col Ismael Baguma of Rwanda’s embassy in Uganda.

Since 2014, innocent people have been kidnapped and eliminated due to his fabricated information to DMI. During double agent Kale Kayihura’s era, damming dossier from Pastor Apollinaire Asiimwe real names Prosper Ruvusha led to numerous innocent people being targeted by DMI with the help of double agent Kale Kayihura police.

Prosper Ruvusha alias pastor Apollinaire Asiimwe has provided false and fabricated dossier to his employers in Kigali, including false witness statements, for example, that RNC has a training camp in Uganda. His false and fabricated dossier have led to loss of innocent lives, and others being kidnapped from streets of Uganda to torture dungeons in Rwanda.