The meeting of RPR which was made secret

By RPF Gakwerere

RPF meeting when Kagame had visited Rwanda was full of threats from beginning to its closure . They were all scared and no one had chance to enter with mobile phone as it has become a common practice and they had to wait long as usual.

According to the analyst who attended said the meeting was called for Musoni James and all who joined government offices via his recommendation . Among the people who didn’t love it are criminals who has been in cover of J3 mafias. The rpf secretary general didn’t love that day he regretted why he came to know James Musoni and the group of J3.

Old guards were feeling at least relived of weevils of J3 but were shocked when the grand son of Rwakagara told them openly that he knows how they are with RNC the group of Gen. Nyamwasa and asked them to go to Minebwe in South Kivu where he will follow them and that Rwanda is no longer fit for them .

Northern provincial leader Gatabazi JMV didn’t like it also the grand son of Serwega grinded him like grinding machine crushing grains he was also reminded how he joined “”abateruzi bibindi “” on musoni ticket and was asked to go with Musoni James or serve the state.

Those who know our dictator well said that he was deceived enough by traders of deceptions called intelligence agencies and he emptied the state treasury for hunting enemies who are not in existence to buy houses in Europe and USA where most of their families have got advance exiles.

Kagame intelligence agencies has made his work more hard at home and internationally which the friend was saying that Kigali no longer run intelligence it has terrorism traders and liabilities to rpf domestic and foreign policies.
The fellow was showing me how they are surrounded with very bitter neighbours because of using state enemies in intelligence services whose intentions are of spoiling the dictators image. Dictator is bitter also because after the fall of Gen. Kayihura in Uganda no more intelligence is coming from there and their remaining staffs are scared.

Those who are running business on behalf of Rwandan intelligence agencies in Uganda to finance Kigali operations have been exposed by J3 methods of work which intended to hurt the image of Rwandan dictator. J3 commander James Kabarebe is bitter for their scheme of succession after undermining the image of dictator was exposed and now the price has to be paid soon by one of the junta’s trusts who will be reported dead of poison or accident soon .

Seeing how the chief house boy commander of J3 didn’t hide his worries while dictator was hitting Musoni , Sg and Gatabazi you can tell what next move.

His family has been moved to Canada and his father they have got him land in Uganda they have no shame moreover they lived denying to be Rwandans !!

Friends J3 has dumped our country in fire even if they can be hunged their damage is deep for our country to recover.