The man of Kigali says it all “I am the president by accident” -that is the truth.

By Jean Paul Ndindamahina

What I like about Paul Kagame who is now acting as the president of Rwanda after an illegal elections, rigged vote and after Rwanda’s constitution becomes unconstitutional, the man who forcefully holds Rwanda in his own two hands can fight against the truth but he has no ability to hide it.

The reality is that Kagame can just give out all needed truth unwillingly and unnoticeably to those who needs it. He is viewed by many Rwandans as smart and I agree he is smart but I also believe he may not be politically smart. He is not really a politician, he is an x- member of various armed groups some linked to terrorism and a brutal soldier who lived half of his life fighting for his life or fighting for his right to live and that has turned him into a creature that cares about nothing else but his own life.

The truth that he may have wanted to keep; is that one that holds all conspiracy in his trek to power but because he cannot hold on secret information longer, during his recent conversation with audience on Foreign policy in New York, when Kagame was asked about the Human Rights abuse in Rwanda, about the people who get abused for expressing their needs to their human rights, Kagame instead of replying “that is not true” and defend his answer; he instead said to the lady who asked a question to him in an angry tone “ Prove me guilty”.

Well, what happens in Rwanda stays in Rwanda hence it would be hard and even impossible to prove any human rights abuser guilty. It would be so hard and very difficult to prove a person who has a power to hide all evidence of his criminal activities and therefore it would be an easy escape for Kagame to tell someone “Prove me guilty” knowing well that it is not a possible thing to do unless, Kagame is taken out of power so that an investigator can be allowed to get all tangible evidences on human rights abuse in Rwanda and i think ; that is when Kagame would be found guilty on Rwanda’s human rights abuse.

The man of Kigali, Paul Kagame believes that for him fighting for half of his life and living half of his life in trenches gives him a green light to human rights abuse. If the current Rwanda allows its people to speak up, and if it would give that space of free speech, what 98% of Rwandese would tell you , it would shock you -Rwandans are not free to speak and that freedom to a free speech is the basic in democracy and in human rights. If Rwandans people are not allowed to speak up on what matters the most, if they are not allowed to challenge a leader’s decision then we must all understand what that republic is -a tyranny republic.

For Kagame he became he president by accident. Yes I think that is the truth-becoming president by accident means he walked into the office; not knowing where he was heading and he forced his entry in Rwanda’s presidential office and he has occupied that office ever since and as an accidental president, I am not sure if he fully understand what that office he holds means to him, to his people and mostly to his own country! He is just there by accident and being led by an accidental President can just be a nightmare which is haunting many Rwandans today.

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