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A Tanzanian Bishop Michael Ignas Mnyela had been kidnapped by Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) in Kigali.

Bishop Michael Ignas Mnyela from The International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) in Tanzania was kidnapped in Kigali – Rwanda while on his way to Tanzania from a prayer conference in Burundi. From Burundi, Bishop Michael Ignas Mnyela had travelled through

Follow Ethiopian Airlines, Not RwandAir.

By David Himbara Letter to Presidents Yoweri Museveni and John Magufuli Excellencies: In my previous letter, I humbly requested that you should reflect on whether or not it is worth it to establish a national airline. I pointed out what

MP Joseph Selasini has called upon the Tanzanian military intelligence to investigate and counter Rwanda’s DMI elements

MP Joseph Selasini speaking in Tanzanian Parliament what coward Ugandan members of parliament have failed to speak despite those affected by DMI thuggery/criminality and foreign interferences, presenting a petition to them. Up to now, the petition is still archived in


By Prof Charles Kambanda Kagame and his bloody DMI are accused of infiltrating Tanzania’s security organs, for purposes of destabilizing the ” Island” of peace in the Great Lakes of Africa region! A Tanzania Member of Parliament revealed this on

Kagame, These Four African Presidents Did Not Attend The Summit In Rwanda That Launched The Continental Free Trade — Why?

By David Himbara Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda (top left), DR Congo’s Joseph Kabila (top right), John Magufuli of Tanzania (bottom left) and Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza (bottom right). Dear President Paul Kagame, what do you make of this? Presidents Yoweri Museveni

Kagame’s special force attacked the UN Special Brigade in DRC and butchered 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers

By Charles Kambanda Information coming in indicates that Kagame’s special force attacked the UN Special Brigade in DRC and butchered 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers. Tanzanian troops, under the UN Special Brigade, smoked out Kagame’s notorious M23 terrorists in DRC. M23 was

Who would wish Tanzania hit where it hurts most and with enough sophistication to do it? Paul Kagame tops the list.

Digesting the attack on Tanzanian Intervention Brigade Base. This attack raises a number of hard questions. The attackers were wearing FARDC uniforms, atleast according to MONUSCO. Where did ADF get FARDC uniforms? At around 5pm thursday evening, the Tanzanians alerted

President John Magufuli’s progressive approach of approaching the citizens is totally superb

By Rpf Gakwerere The photo below shows another aspect of a democratically elected leader. The essence of continuously being close to people and always listening to their daily cry, in research what President John Magufuli is doing, it is known

Tanzania. Imana yakinze akaboko ku bagenzi 200 bari muri Boeing 787 ya Ethiopian Airlines

Indege yo mu bwoko bwa Boeing 787 ya Ethiopian Airlines yo muri Ethiopia, yahuye n’ikibazo kitoroshye uyu munsi kuri 18/12/2013 ku manywa y’ihangu ubwo yashakaga kugwa ku kibuga cy’indege mpuzamahanga cya Kilimanjaro cyo muri Tanzanaia. Kubera ubwumvikane buke bwabaye hagati

EAC Court Throws Out Case Against Tripartite Initiative

The East African Court of Justice (EACJ) has thrown out the case filed against Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya to stop the Tripartite initiative for lack of insufficient material. The case which was filed in the court’s First Instance Division was