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The photo below is of Ngirinshuti Jean D’amour known among his peers by a nickname of Kazungu. Ngirinshuti Jean D’amour was an strong supporter of the currently incarcerated Diane Rwigara and gradually growing to become a trusted aid during the

Ben Rutabana: “On the Contrary, Kagame is the terrorist here, we ran from Rwanda and he keeps killing us in other countries, he has killed our relative all over Europe, Kenya and in Uganda.”

Exclusive Interview with Ben Rutabana Ben Rutabana – is a former Rwandan musician turned businessman based in Europe. The informant has had an exclusive Interview with Ben Rutabana to react to statements that appeared in Rwandan press that he visited

Victoire Ingabire is still a prisoner in a different form.

By David Himbara How Kagame Deceived The World That He Freed Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was detained in 2010. In 2013, her initial eight-year sentence was increased to 15 years. And, according to Rwandan and foreign media, President Paul

With Ethiopia And Eritrea Opening Up Political Space, Rwanda Is The Last Iron-Fisted Dictatorship. By Freeing Ingabire But Not Other Political Leaders, Kagame Is Deceiving The World That He Too Is Opening Up Politics.

By David Himbara The Ethiopian and Rwandan regimes used to behave the same way — mercilessly kill, imprison, and exile anyone who disagreed with the ruling clique. Ethiopia under Meles Zenawi and Rwanda under Kagame became dictatorships from hell. Their purpose was

Anne Rwigara: ““My sister has been jailed because she wanted to run for presidential elections in 2017”

“My sister and my mum are doing well, they are staying strong, they have managed to hold it together since a year, since they have been incarcerated” “My father, financially supported the RPF in the early 90’s, when the RPF

BBC World Service: Claude Gatebuke AGLAN ED on #FreeDianeRwigara

Claude Gatebuke on Diane Rwigara’s Incarceration and Repression Against Women in Rwanda. BBC World Servicde: Claude Gatebuke speaks about Diane Rwigara and Victoire Ingabire’s incarceration as well as Rwanda’s true colors when it comes to the treatment of women, especially

Africa’s Corporatocracy & the Imprisonment of Diane Rwigara

These are few comments people worldwide have made on this video about Diane Rwigara. #FreeDianeRwigara Echetabu Emeka1 day ago Clean streets is very important. Sis you are doing a good job. I am Nigerian from japan. Mohamed Kamara1 day ago

Pressure mounts on Kagame to free Diane Rwigara

The Free MP Bobi Wine campaign in Uganda that spread across the globe has given birth to a similar “Free Diane Rwigara” campaign in the neighbouring Rwanda. On Friday, The Chair of Coalition for Political Progress Kenya, James Mwangi, held

‘I will kill you if you continue’, supporters of Rwanda’s Diane Rwigara warned

By CNN For Citizen Digital In Summary Rwanda is often described as the best place in the world for women in politics, with more female MPs than any other country. However, this is not the case if you challenge President

All Rwandans should support Abraham Mutai @itsMutai in his fight against Kagame in demanding him to #FreeDianeRwigara