Rwanda: Free All Political Prisoners

SOME OF THE NAMES OF POLITICAL PRISONERS LANGUISHING IN CRIMINAL PAUL KAGAME’S JAILS. (Compiled by Nahimana Thomas) Deogratias Mushayidi Nzirorera jean damascene Twagirimana Boniface  Unyuzimfura Jean Pierre Maniraguha Rwego Gilbert... Read more »

Rwandan court acquits prominent opposition leader of forgery, incitement

CNN — Diane Rwigara, the 37-year-old human rights activist who had once hoped to run for the Rwandan presidency, has been acquitted of charges of fraud and inciting insurrection.... Read more »

Kagame should release all political prisoners. Releasing Diane Shima Rwigara and her mother is not sufficient.

Kagame should release all political prisoners. Releasing Diane Shima Rwigara and her mother is not sufficient. Most importantly, Kagame and his bloody junta must open political space, bring an... Read more »

Rwandan opposition leader defiant as prison term possible

KIGALI, RWANDA BY IGNATIUS SSUUNA ASSOCIATED PRESS. As she waits for a judge to pronounce her fate, the Rwandan opposition leader accused of inciting insurrection and forgery after challenging the... Read more »

US congressional support builds for Rwandan opposition leader

CNN — A group of members of the US Congress are calling on the Rwandan government to drop charges against Diane Rwigara, a fierce government critic who is facing... Read more »

RWANDA/U.S.: Hearing in the US congress on Diane Rwigara’s ongoing bogus court case that is taking place in Kigali.

You have to ask yourself this simple question: Why does Kagame brag about Rwanda having the highest women of parliamentarian women in the world? The answer is equally simple—it’s... Read more »

Rwandan Dissident Draws US Congressional Support

U.S. congressional lawmakers are pressing Rwanda’s government against incarcerating dissident politician Diane Rwigara, who faces up to 22 years in prison after being convicted of inciting insurrection and forgery.... Read more »

Article insulting Lindiwe Sisulu in the government newspaper RUSHYASHYA has been removed

What takes place in criminal Paul Kagame’s land is what screen writers would describe as a “mad man’s autobiography.” On top of kidnappings, tortures, incarceration, assassinations, killings, corruption, nepotism,... Read more »

Rwandan Opposition Leader Diane Rwigara Will Not Be Silenced

By David Himbara General Paul Kagame appears to have imagined that if he freed the women he jailed for daring to challenge him for high office, they would thank... Read more »

Kagame’s Guards Unleashed Violence On Diane And Adeline Rwigara Inside The Courtroom

By David Himbara On October 5, a High Court in Rwanda released on bail Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara. On hearing the court ruling, Adeline Rwigara raised... Read more »