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The man behind the #FreeDianeRwigara’s campaign, Abraham Mutai, speaks!

Rwanda is most talked about when discussing the 1994 genocide but what’s going on in the country now? We’ll investigate the number political arrests made in the country.

How Gen Kayihura was able to get sensitive information and unlimited access to Museveni thru his former lover Hope

Ghanaian Senior Assassin operating recruiting former Flying Squad works closely with State house Staff. High suspected “assassin sponsor” Kwami Agbodza’s mobile phone numbers have been decrypted and hacked. +44 758544791(Whatsapp) and +44 7473938938 (Voice & Data) crossed into Uganda through


The photo below is of Ngirinshuti Jean D’amour known among his peers by a nickname of Kazungu. Ngirinshuti Jean D’amour was an strong supporter of the currently incarcerated Diane Rwigara and gradually growing to become a trusted aid during the

Ingabire Umuhoza: Asking for a Presidential Clemency and Accepting Criminal Responsibility are two different things at law

By Didas Gasana Since her release from prison on a presidential pardon alongside Kizito Mihigo, as well as more than two thousand other convicts but on different legal grounds; the media (both local and int’l) have been misreporting the facts

Kagame Threatens To Throw Ingabire Back Into Prison

By David Himbara Speaking in Rwandan parliament on September 19, 2018, the Rwandan head of state, Major-General Paul Kagame threatened to reimprison Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. Mocking Ingabire as a “political star outside Rwanda”, Kagame warned her to be careful how

Tension between Uganda and Rwanda over a highly sensitive intelligence report that circulated in the international intelligence world originating from Nairobi.

There is tension between Uganda and Rwanda over a highly sensitive intelligence report that circulated in the international intelligence world originating from Nairobi. This report has names of targets of Ugandan Politicians who are candidates of assassinations around the world,


SEPTEMBER 16, 2018 Press Release(pdf) We have received with great joy the news about the release of Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, President of FDU-Inkingi. We are also pleased that another prisoner of conscience, Mr Kizito Mihigo, has been released at

Victoire Ingabire is still a prisoner in a different form.

By David Himbara How Kagame Deceived The World That He Freed Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was detained in 2010. In 2013, her initial eight-year sentence was increased to 15 years. And, according to Rwandan and foreign media, President Paul

“Nelson Mandela of Rwanda” released unexpectedly but she is still under house arrest

By Peter Verlinden Totally unexpected, the Rwandan government has decided that, among other things, the two main political prisoners of the country will be released early: the opposing and presidential candidate in 2010 Victoire Ingabire and the popular singer and songmaker

Museveni Speaks on ‘RWANDA’ Fueling Insecurity in Uganda.

By Kim Aine President Museveni has vowed to uproot what he described as a “jigger” that has “polluted” Uganda’s peace and stability, Chimp Corpsreport. Museveni was responding to a question from a journalist who wondered whether a ‘neighbouring country’ had