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Gen Jack Nziza, ” My biggest regret was my failure to realise that James Kabarebe was my greatest enemy.

By Gakwerere I put focus on rats, while failing to understand the threat from a quiet hyena. I am on Gatebe mainly because of James Kabarebe’s lies about me to his excellency. Unfortunately, the attack didn’t come from the usual suspects.”

Gen Kayihura Very Sick in Cells.

By: SpyReports The detained former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura’s health is not well at Makindye military barracks SpyReports has reliably been been informed. Kayihura and his blue eyed boys have been in detention at Makindye military barracks

Minister James Kabarebe has warned Rwandans against going to scavenge in Uganda.

By: RPF Gakwerere Rwanda’s minister of defence, Gen James Kabarebe said that Rwanda is located between countries which have seated jealous against Rwanda because they are witnessing the country’s peace, tranquillity and a population which is focused on development. It’s

General Museveni refused to meet privately with Rwandan President Kagame commonly referred to on these streets as Pilato.

By Seruga Titus Rwanda had hoped to ambush Museveni in Nairobi, to make a diplomatic showoff that boosts their international ranking and local confidence that indeed crime in Uganda is not promoted and funded by Pilato. The King of Wakanda

Assassination alert: Bobi Wine, Kizza Besigye, Lukwago and others should take extra caution in the coming two weeks.

Three assassins have once again crossed to Uganda to take out another high profile politician. Ugandan Intelligence is not yet aware of the next target and neither can they confirm assassin are in the country. My prediction is that the

I told Kayihura about killers, says witness

By Eriasa Mukiibi Sserunjogi A Rwandan, who had taken refuge in Uganda but had to flee to the US after his friend was killed in Kampala at the end of 2011, has told Saturday Monitor that he gave information about

Suspected Rwandan Agents Flee Kampala As Military Intensifies Crackdown at Ugandan Borders.

Hundreds of suspected Rwandan security agents and spies who have been operating in Uganda to destabilize the country have fled back to Rwanda following the arrest of Gen Kale Kayihura and other senior police officers. The embattled former police chief

Rwandan Defence Minister warns Rwandans against travelling to Uganda

By Seruga Titus In the attached article Defence Minister James Kabarebe is warning Rwandans to stop “Guhunahuna” in Uganda. Guhunahuna in Kinyarwanda refers to scavenging for food or leftovers mainly done by hungry dogs. The minister goes on to say

Is Kagame looking for pretext to attack Burundi, by killing Rwandans along the border with Burundi and DRC?

By Charles Kambanda Kagame junta claims that last night, an armed group attacked a village in the Southern Region of Rwanda. It’s alleged that the armed group killed two people and wounded unspecified number of civilians. Kagame’s newspapers report that

How a Foreign Country Wanted to Make Uganda a Failed Country, Like Burundi.

By: HARDSON RUGAMBA On 13 May 2015, a Burundian Military Godefroid Niyombare declared a coup d’état, announcing on radio that President “Pierre Nkurunziza is dismissed”. President Nkurunziza was at the time in neighboring Tanzania attending the 13th Extraordinary Summit of