Gen Kayihura Put Under 24/7 Surveillance at Nairobi Hospital Bed.

By: TOM SAWYER Ugandan security operatives and their Kenyan counterpart are maintaining close surveillance on former Ugandan Inspector General of police Gen Kale Kayihura who is currently admitted at... Read more »

KABANDA’S FAMILY GOES MISSING – Is General Kayihura at play again?

By: Seruga Titus Prime witness in the Illegal repatriation of Refugees back to Rwanda Ali Kabanda who also authored a letter that caused investigations into the illegal Repatriation of... Read more »

Uganda: Paul Kagame pays legal bills for double agent Kale Kayihura.

By Gakwerere Criminal Paul Kagame pays legal bills for his notorious assassin and double agent Kale Kayihura. According to a senior DMI source, funds are transferred from Rwanda to... Read more »

Kagame Is Spreading His War Of Words Against Uganda To Kenyan Newspapers

By David Himbara The Kenyan newspaper The Standard has removed from its website a disgusting and fake article titled ”Museveni speaks to Himbara on phone, encourages campaign against Rwanda.”... Read more »

Minister James Kabarebe has warned Rwandans against going to scavenge in Uganda.

By: RPF Gakwerere Rwanda’s minister of defence, Gen James Kabarebe said that Rwanda is located between countries which have seated jealous against Rwanda because they are witnessing the country’s... Read more »

General Museveni refused to meet privately with Rwandan President Kagame commonly referred to on these streets as Pilato.

By Seruga Titus Rwanda had hoped to ambush Museveni in Nairobi, to make a diplomatic showoff that boosts their international ranking and local confidence that indeed crime in Uganda... Read more »

Kayihura’s Wife, Angella Kayihura, Arrested.

Military operatives have this evening picked Angella Kayihura a wife to the embattled former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, SpyReports has learnt. SpyReports understands that Angella Kayihura was picked... Read more »

How Gen Kayihura failed to flee to Rwanda after learning that he was going to be arrested.

Rwanda was waiting on the other side of the boarder for their main man – communication evidence has proved it. Earlier on I promised to bring you a story... Read more »

Gen Kale Kayihura in Uganda has been arrested

News flowing from patriotic Uganda’s intelligence circle is that, they have foiled a DMI plan to sneak double agent Kale Kayihura out of the Country to Rwanda. After being... Read more »

General Kayihura while meeting General Museveni two weeks back requested to go abroad for treatment.

Seruga Titus The army code demands that all Army officers must seek official permission from the chief defense forces CDF, at the rank of General Kayihura needed the permission... Read more »