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Minister James Kabarebe has warned Rwandans against going to scavenge in Uganda.

By: RPF Gakwerere Rwanda’s minister of defence, Gen James Kabarebe said that Rwanda is located between countries which have seated jealous against Rwanda because they are witnessing the country’s peace, tranquillity and a population which is focused on development. It’s

Rwandan Defence Minister warns Rwandans against travelling to Uganda

By Seruga Titus In the attached article Defence Minister James Kabarebe is warning Rwandans to stop “Guhunahuna” in Uganda. Guhunahuna in Kinyarwanda refers to scavenging for food or leftovers mainly done by hungry dogs. The minister goes on to say

Dear Rwandans, get ready for more deaths, assassinations, high level corruption, backbiting, jealous, fabrications

By Rpf Gakwerere The devilish JJJ (Jeanette Kagame, Jack Nziza and James Musoni) axis is nearly being destroyed, as a more deadly satanic axis of JFI (James Kabarebe, Ines Mpambara and Francis Kaboneka) takes the centre stage within the criminal

The Trudeau Government Taken To Task For Giving The Red Carpet To Rwanda Defence Minister James Kabarebe Who Stands Accused Of Mass Murder

By David Himbara Rwanda defense minister hosted by his Canadian counterpart, the Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajjan The Justin Trudeau’s liberal government is generally considered to be sophisticated and cosmopolitan due to several factors: Half the Trudeau cabinet are women.


A plea to the great people of Canada, their government and officials… your government recently granted a Visa to a Rwandan war criminal, a decision even he did not expect! This sends a wrong message to every individual in our