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Kagame Loses Human Trafficking Cash From Israel

By David Himbara President Paul Kagame has lost the deal to receive African refugees thrown out of Israel. Kagame would have received $5,000 for each African. Israel was planning to dump over 35,000 Africans. That would have meant millions of

Israel to send African migrants to West under new UN deal

Israel has cancelled plans to deport migrants en masse to Africa after reaching a deal with the United Nations refugee agency. Some 16,250 African migrants, many seeking asylum, will instead be resettled in Western nations, including Canada, Italy and Germany,

Many refugees are saying they’d rather go to prison than to Rwanda. Why?

“Molugeta, a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from Eritrea, was one of the first to be interviewed and informed that he had to leave for Rwanda. The interview took 15 minutes and was videotaped in its entirety, Molugeta said. The interviewer, an Ethiopian

Thousands of Asylum Seekers Protest Deportation Outside Rwandan Embassy in Israel

Immigration Authority has begun telling Eritrean asylum seekers that they must leave for Rwanda or be imprisoned indefinitely Thousands of asylum seekers gathered Monday before the Rwandan embassy in Israel to protest government efforts to deport them. In recent days, the Population

Kagame Dumps Israel and USA

By David Himbara Kagame has emerged as a strong supporter of Israel. But he also desperately tries to remain friends with Arab nations. This results in Kagame confusion of trying to appease both sides. So today there was a vote

Kagame’s Human Trafficking To Increase “In A Matter Of Weeks”

By David Himbara Israeli newspapers are reporting that two weeks ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached a new “deal” with Kagame. The deal is that Rwanda accepts African refugees deported against their will. The human trafficking to Rwanda is getting


There are three issues underlying treatment of these refugee/immigrants. First, and constitutionally foremost, is whether the Knesset can abrogate as applied the Refugee Convention an earlier Knesset approved. That is, does a past action of the Knesset EVER bind a