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Kagame Has Gone Totally Rogue. After Killing Refugees, He Closed 714 Churches, And Locked Up A Bishop And 5 Pastors. He Has Now Expelled Human Rights Watch

By David Himbara Kagame has gone totally rogue. Look at his actions in the past two months – February and March, 2018. First he killed Congolese refugees protesting against hunger. Then Kagame descended on Rwandan churches without mercy. He shut

Rwanda: Cover-Up Negates Killings

From left to right: Juma Ntakingora (executed on September 21, 2016); Alexandre Bemeriki (executed in October 2016); Benjamin Niyonzima (executed on December 16, 2016); Basabose Hakuzimana (executed on December 6, 2016); Elias Habyarimana (executed on March 25, 2017); Samuel Minani