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An open letter to the President of the United States of America.

His Excellency President Donald Trump Washington DC, USA. Dear Mr President, I am writing this present mail to you in the behalf of the PRA Group. In fact, we are a group of Political Rwandan Activists seeking democracy, justice and

Paul Kagame represent Shithole Countries in Davos while African Union heads of state still mad !

Kagame Dumps Israel and USA

By David Himbara Kagame has emerged as a strong supporter of Israel. But he also desperately tries to remain friends with Arab nations. This results in Kagame confusion of trying to appease both sides. So today there was a vote

Why President Trump would refuse to give a handshake to President Kagame?

This week it was in Newyork city where Kagame was invited along with other hundreds of head of states to attend UN general meeting and it is there that he met for the first time Mr Trump the president of

Two contrasting faces of a man- Donald Trump.

Trump denied Comey’s accusation that he pressured Comey not to look into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. He then Fired Comey on May 9, 2017 He had tweeted earlier: EXCLUSIVE: FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of

Donald Trump Wants To Make America Greek Again

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has some interesting plans for U.S. debt. They could lead to nothing short of a global financial disaster. In an interview Thursday, the billionaire businessman suggested that in order to lighten the American debt load,