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Kagame Is Spreading His War Of Words Against Uganda To Kenyan Newspapers

By David Himbara The Kenyan newspaper The Standard has removed from its website a disgusting and fake article titled ”Museveni speaks to Himbara on phone, encourages campaign against Rwanda.” The fake article was published in the Standard of July 23,

Critics Of Arsenal Deal Are Dogs: Kagame’s New Times

By David Himbara In its editorial of June 12, 2018, the ruling party’s newspaper, The New Times, likened the critics of Rwanda’s sponsorship of Arsenal Football club to “barking dogs.” The ”dogs” questioned the payment of £30 Million, or nearly US$40

Kagame’s External Support Is Crumbling

When you see President Paul Kagame attempting to become France’s friend — even proposing his foreign minister to head La Francophonie — you should realize that a profound change is underway. Kagame is on a fishing expedition. He urgently needs friends. His external support

Kagame Is Enjoying Life In The US. Rwandans Are Washed Away By Floods. Infrastructures Are Destroyed. The Country Is Leaderless.

By David Himbara As soon as Paul Kagame’s Transform Africa Summit in Kigali ended on May 8, 2018, the Rwandan president jumped on his Gulfstream luxury jet to New York City, USA. From there, Kagame flew to California to attend

Kagame Begged Nkurunziza To Host RwandAir Fleet When Kigali International Airport Flooded On April 30, 2018

By David Himbara RwandAir fleet in Bujumbura, Burundi, which arrived on April 30, and left on May 1, 2018. Heavy rains pounded both Rwanda and Burundi on April 30, 2018. Rwanda’s International Airport became flooded. But Burundi’s International was not flooded.

Kagame’s Body Language And Behaviour Reveal A Troubled Mind

By David Himbara Dear Jeanne K from Kigali, of all folks who request that I help explain something about Rwanda and its president, you have asked me the toughest questions. You wish me to confirm that President Paul Kagame is

Kagame, You Sabotaged The UN Intervention. Then You Rejected The Deployment Of A Larger UN Force. Here Is More Evidence.

By David Himbara Major General Paul Kagame, on the day you stand in the court of law regarding your role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the evidence against you will include what we have previously presented, namely: Rwandan Patriotic

Kagame, Leon Orsmond, A South African Businessman Living In Rwanda Has “Disappeared.” What Did You Do To Him?

By David Himbara Leon Orsmond, a South African advertising executive, has ”disappeared” in Kigali, Rwanda. He has not been seen for about a month. Leon has been living in Kigali for about eight years, running an advertising business. It is

Kagame, The African Continental Free Trade Area Will Not Help You

By David Himbara Dear General Kagame, here are five reasons why the African Continental Free Trade Area will not help you. 1. You hardly have anything to trade with African countries As a banana republic, your neighbours will not buy

Kagame Drives A Range Rover Sentinel — This Vehicle Designed To Withstand Extreme Attacks Costs US$500,000.00

By David Himbara ***Update – Kagame has 4 Range Rover Sentinel Cars which is US$500,000 x 4 = US$2,000,000.00 Kagame in his Range Rover Sentinel with the king of Morocco. Kagame in his Range Rover Sentinel with the president of Gabon. You