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Criminal Paul Kagame to his trusted military chiefs: “we need war funds for the military campaign, we cannot accept to be surrounded by hostile regimes who don’t wish us any good. First, Peter Nkurunziza and his group have to go

Is Kagame looking for pretext to attack Burundi, by killing Rwandans along the border with Burundi and DRC?

By Charles Kambanda Kagame junta claims that last night, an armed group attacked a village in the Southern Region of Rwanda. It’s alleged that the armed group killed two people and wounded unspecified number of civilians. Kagame’s newspapers report that

How a Foreign Country Wanted to Make Uganda a Failed Country, Like Burundi.

By: HARDSON RUGAMBA On 13 May 2015, a Burundian Military Godefroid Niyombare declared a coup d’état, announcing on radio that President “Pierre Nkurunziza is dismissed”. President Nkurunziza was at the time in neighboring Tanzania attending the 13th Extraordinary Summit of

Burundi’s president says he won’t run for another term

Kagame and Nkurunziza

NAIROBI, KENYA — Burundi’s president has announced he will not run for another term, even as he puts in place a new constitution that would allow him to stay in power until 2034. President Pierre Nkurunziza on Thursday told supporters

Is Rwanda President Kagame funding rebels and using COMESA to sabotage President Pierre Nkurunziza’s efforts to improve the lives of Burundians?

By Prosper Makene, just back from Bujumbura Hidden agenda behind 20th COMESA Summit in Burundi. The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa-COMESA, is a regional organization that counts 19-African member states. The 19th COMESA Summit was held in Madagascar

Kagame Begged Nkurunziza To Host RwandAir Fleet When Kigali International Airport Flooded On April 30, 2018

By David Himbara RwandAir fleet in Bujumbura, Burundi, which arrived on April 30, and left on May 1, 2018. Heavy rains pounded both Rwanda and Burundi on April 30, 2018. Rwanda’s International Airport became flooded. But Burundi’s International was not flooded.

A finalized evil plan by President Paul Kagame to attack Burundi

Radjabu na Kagame

By Rpf Gakwerere Burundi Chapter – 1. “Thank God, Paul Kagame has pulled off his eyes from internal Burundian politics, he has shifted his destructive obsession to Uganda,” this was part of an inbox message from a relived Burundian who

Kagame, These Four African Presidents Did Not Attend The Summit In Rwanda That Launched The Continental Free Trade — Why?

By David Himbara Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda (top left), DR Congo’s Joseph Kabila (top right), John Magufuli of Tanzania (bottom left) and Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza (bottom right). Dear President Paul Kagame, what do you make of this? Presidents Yoweri Museveni

After DRC, Burundi & Tanzania, It’s Uganda’s turn now.

By Charles Kambanda 1. Kagame ruined DRC, especially North Kivu. The method ( crimes) by which Kagame and his suicidal DMI ruined DRC is/are well documented by the UNited Nations Security Council and many credible international organisations. 2. Kagame set

By Rpf Gakwerere On the 25th/12/2017, Rwanda’s paranoiac and criminal dictator demonstrated high levels of paranoia, delusion, fear and overall signs of psychotic behaviours. Rwanda’s criminal ruler reminded the gathering army and police officers that Rwanda is at crossroad and