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Critics Of Arsenal Deal Are Dogs: Kagame’s New Times

By David Himbara In its editorial of June 12, 2018, the ruling party’s newspaper, The New Times, likened the critics of Rwanda’s sponsorship of Arsenal Football club to “barking dogs.” The ”dogs” questioned the payment of £30 Million, or nearly US$40

Why I hate Rwanda with a passion

By Jacobs Odongo Seaman The love-hate relationship between Ugandans and Rwandans is passionate. We won’t go into detail about that, but just so you know, I hate Rwanda. With a passion, I must add. See, I spent the last five

When the poor sponsor the rich: Rwanda and Arsenal FC

Rwanda keeps surprising. Recently the Rwandan Development Board signed a sleeve sponsoring deal with London Premier League club, Arsenal. Over a three-year period, the 200 sq centimetre ad “Visit Rwanda” will cost the country USD$39 million. President Paul Kagame is known to

Arsenal, Say No To Kagame. Reject Rwanda’s Money. Rwandans Need It More Than You Do Open Letter to Sir Chips Keswick, Chairman, Arsenal Football Club

Dear Sir Chips Keswick, permit me to firstly congratulate you for running a highly successful football club, Arsenal. Your club is impressive by all indications. According to your 2017 Financial statement, Arsenal’s assets stand at US$892 Million (£670 Million). Forbes


By Amahoriwacu Arsenal FC has just signed a 3 year T-shirt sleeve sponsorship deal with the government of Rwanda, one of the poorest countries in the world headed by a ruthless despotic dictator who has been at the helm of

Netherlands: Coalition angry about Rwanda as sponsor Arsenal

THE HAGUE – The government parties are angry that the poor African country Rwanda, which receives Dutch development aid, sponsors the English football club Arsenal.  Coalition partner ChristenUnie (CU) believes that Dutch support must be looked at again, also because there

Before visiting Rwanda, there are a few things Arsenal fans should know

Arsenal has a new shirt sponsor: Rwanda. The Rwandan Development Board has inked a deal with the famous English football club, who from next season will play with the slogan ‘Visit Rwanda’ on their famous white sleeves. And who wouldn’t