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Please join Rwandans in boycotting Arsenal FC!

By Rpf Gakwerere The $40 million USA dollars, three years marketing contract wasted on a fake and sick advert with Arsenal football club would have saved millions of children who are suffering from malnutrition in Rwanda, and greater proportion are

Critics Of Arsenal Deal Are Dogs: Kagame’s New Times

By David Himbara In its editorial of June 12, 2018, the ruling party’s newspaper, The New Times, likened the critics of Rwanda’s sponsorship of Arsenal Football club to “barking dogs.” The ”dogs” questioned the payment of £30 Million, or nearly US$40

GUNFORGIVABLE Rwandan tyrant pays Arsenal £30m to put ‘Visit Rwanda’ on their shirts while orphans are so poor they can’t even afford a football

Rwandan leader Paul Kagame signed a deal that is half the £64million in taxpayers’ money Britain hands to Rwanda in aid. ON a dusty pitch outside an orphanage, groups of boys kick a plastic bottle between goalposts made from piles of

‘You must be unintelligent’ Rwandan CEOs astonishing attack on BBC host in Foreign Aid row

By DARREN HUNT THE CEO of the Rwanda Development Board clashed with BBC host John Humphrys in a furious debate after it was claimed the African country would spend £30million on a sponsorship deal with Arsenal FC. Clare Akamanzi, a