Suspected Rwandan Agents Flee Kampala As Military Intensifies Crackdown at Ugandan Borders.

Hundreds of suspected Rwandan security agents and spies who have been operating in Uganda to destabilize the country have fled back to Rwanda following the arrest of Gen Kale Kayihura and other senior police officers.

The embattled former police chief and others are accused of working with the regime in Kigali to spy on refugees from Rwanda and kidnap dissidents back home for punishment.

According to a source who plies her trade between Kampala and Kigali told yours truly that ever since the arrest of Uganda’s senior security officers accused of working with Kigali, the number of Rwandans leaving Kampala back home is alarming.

“I have been using Kampala-Kampala bound buses to do my business in Kigali but ever since Kale was arrested, I have never seen many Rwandans leaving Kampala like this time.” This female source narrated.

She added “Usually, for years, the number of Rwandese coming to Kampala was always bigger but this time it’s the number of Rwandans leaving Uganda which is alarming in the last one week”.

The government has since warned the countries that send spies into refugees camps disguised as refugees to spy on refugees undermine the security of the country.

Speaking during celebrations to mark World Refugee Day at Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Isingiro, State Minister for relief and disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru said while there are millions of refugees running away from fear and prosecution, there are those who come posing as refugees but with intentions to undermine security of the country and well-being of refugees in Uganda and warned such people to stop.

He added that the country is going to make sure refugees are safe in the country and that these people who disguise as refugees have to be uprooted.

Minister Ecweru said these spies are not only in Nakivale but in other camps as well.

His senior Minister Hilary Onek also reiterated the same issue, saying that some of the countries where refugees come from send intelligence officers and wrong people to kidnap and at times kill refugees.

He said as a government they are not taking this lightly and urged the military to be on alert and watch Uganda’s border lines to ensure that those granted refugee status but secretly sneak out to get instructions from their countries to come back and harm people in Uganda are arrested.

Minister Ecweru also warned that tribalism among refugees that is also undermining security in refugee resettlement camps.

He said as the government, they look at refugees as equals and their petty differences should not be driven to Uganda.