Special relationship between Ines Mpambara and her boss, Paul Kagame.

By Gakwerere Rpf

CRIMINAL PAUL KAGAME’S LOVELY AND LOVED YOOYOO – INES MPAMBARA. She is ruthless, brutal and master of intrigue. For the last 10 years, she has managed to penetrate the system to currently being the real prime minister of the banana enclave.

Since 2009, Ines Mpambara has been criminal Paul Kagame’s chief of staff. As chief of staff, Mpambara is therefore, not only charged with running the Presidency but the nation as well, she is the real prime minister and criminal Paul Kagame’s right hand woman.

Through her rise to power, she has destroyed career of innocent citizens without sparing criminal Paul Kagame’s house boy Generals. She is the master of intrigue and an office assassin who lacks any single respect or love for compatriots. She is as horrible as her boss, the reason she has managed to survive for long.

On the 4/12/2018, I posted this


I was given information by different sources within criminal Paul Kagame’s office enlightening about a special relationship between Ines Mpambara and her boss, criminal Paul Kagame. All these sources point at Ines Mpambara as one of the numerous concubines that criminal Paul Kagame bangs.

While I was trying to refute this info, these sources pointed out that, just recently, in June 2018, during criminal Paul Kagame’s trip to Canada in which Ines Mpambara also was part of the entourage. In the middle of the night, holding a folder of papers, she could go to criminal Paul Kagame’s presidential suite, spend a night with Rwanda’s ruler up to wee hours of morning.

According to the source, from Canada, criminal Paul Kagame travelled to France and the tricks of shifting at night to criminal Paul Kagame’s hotel suite with a folder of papers and leaving the presidential suite at the wee hours of the day continued.

According to these reliable sources, criminal Paul Kagame started eating her yooyoo in 2016 after Jeannette Kagame’s extramarital affairs came in the open. As criminal Paul Kagame and his estranged wife – Jeannette Gasana Kagame lived under different roofs, criminal Paul Kagame moved for the yooyoo of his chief of staff – INES MPAMBARA.

According to these sources, Ines Mpambara’s spectacular rise has also been advantaged by her excellent yooyoo. Those who know criminal Paul Kagame very well; will attest that, apart from blood of innocent people, the skinny ruler is also obsessed with fat shaped asses and very wet yooyoo. Among his numerous concubines, those that have too much watery yooyoo have faired well in his administration.

For Ines Mpambara, armed with her extremely wet yooyoo, unorthodox behaviours in ruthlessness, political intrigue and brutality; she is currently both at the centre of formal and informal government.

When you happen to see house boy Generals in this banana enclave saluting her, it’s because they know the real power behind her, and how she has destroyed and still destroying careers of decent professionals.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2238645293085335&id=100008196575303