SOS – Rwanda: National Intelligence and Security Services are now monitoring Victoire Ingabire’s residence 24/7

From our reliable sources in Rwanda, we have been told that Rwanda National Intelligence and Security Services are now closely watching Victoire Ingabire’s residence since March 14th, 2019 and after assassinating her party’s spokesperson Anselme Mutuyemungu.

These people in Rwanda who didn’t want us to reveal their names told us that these secret agents in civilian clothes use unmarked cars that they park in nearby Victoire Ingabire’s residence monitoring and recording the movement of people going in and out of her residence.

These people have confirmed that one of these cars being used to monitor Ingabire’s residence was seen near her residence the day Anselme Mutuyimana, FDU Inkingi spokesperson inside Rwanda, was kidnapped and brutally assassinated by Kagame’s security apparatus.

As a proof, our reliable sources have been able to send a picture one of these cars used to intimidate Victoire Ingabire and they have been able to write down its license plate RAC813Z. Victoire Ingabire is used to this intimidation and as you all remember very well it happened in 2010 few days before Kagame arrested Ingabire Victoire on fabricated charges.

Surrounding Ingabire’s residence and using his secret agents in civilian clothes to monitor her residence 24/7 should not be taken lightly and we urge anyone who will read this article to be on standby and ready to take action in case Kagame will again make another move to try to silence Victoire Ingabire. Enough is enough and the Western countries must do something this time and they can’t let Kagame kills, jails and kidnaps innocent people in Rwanda and they stay silent. This blank check that they gave him must be scratched and be taken away now.