Since 2013, U.K hasn’t been the usual go area for Paul Kagame. Thanks to hard work of Rwandan opposition activists in U.K.

This past weekend – 6/10/18, the criminal of Rwanda, Paul Kagame jetted to London for Mo Ibrahim dinner which was held on 7/10/18. Before travelling to London, Criminal Paul Kagame, through his lobbyist Andrew Mitchell tried to secure working appointments with senior government officials including Penelope Mary Mordaunt the Secretary of state international development.

Despite the amount of cash he pours to his lobbyists, they didn’t manage to secure a meeting with top U.K officials. Last month, criminal Paul Kagame used his highly paid lobbyists in London to try and convince 10 Downing street to include Rwanda during Prime Minister Theresa May tour of Africa. This time, 10 Downing street shunned the request preferring democratic African states for Theresa May African tour.

Since 2013, U.K hasn’t been the usual go area for criminal Paul Kagame. Thanks to hard work of opposition activists in U.K.

While criminal Paul Kagame was being denied appointments by the ruling class in U.K, his adopted father – president Museveni who is now being targeted for assassination by a wild son of the little enclave, his going to eat big in London at the end of this week.

This week, president Museveni will be travelling to London where he will address the upper house – House of Lords and also meet with potential investors in Uganda’s tourism industry.

President Museveni will further address members of Space for Giants, an international conservation organisation which protects the wildlife landscapes that Africa’s remaining elephants need to thrive and be protected. According to info, Space for Giants has planned to invest in Uganda’s tourism sector.

Rpf Gakwerere