Shock!!!! Al-Shabab attack linked to Rwandan External Intelligence Operations.

Last year I reported that Rwanda was recruiting Kenyans of Somali origins to attack Uganda Using Suicide explosives, each recruit was facilitated with 20,000 USD my source was a high level intelligence brief from Kenya shared to Ugandan intelligence.

That mission was distorted after Kenyan Intelligence shared images and recording of these meetings, then Rwanda and Al-Shabab decided to retaliate, you know what happened.

Apparently evidence is starting to come through indicates that indeed this recent attack was organized by Al-Shabab with the patronage of the Kigali Regime.

The motive is simple, make this look like a random attack on Nairobi by Terrorists then follow it up with seriously planned attacks on Kampala.

This means Kampala should be on Red alert, the regime in Kampala can no longer blame Kagali if they are attacked, instead they will put the blame on Al-Shabab. In reality 50 Kenyans of Somali origin were recruited to carry out such attacks across East Africa, only four died in Kenya, these terrorists have undergone assault training in Kagali, this explains why Kenyan authorities and intelligence never tracked them at the border point entering. These cells are not in Nairobi but another East African Country.

Evidence of a high ranking Rwandese military official Bgn. Francis Mutiganda in Nairobi last year at the same location is hereby prematurely released.

This stands as a warning to Kampala Residents.


Where Credibility Matters

Seruga Titus


Posted by Rwanda Nyakuri on Thursday, January 17, 2019