Rwanda’s Directory Military Intelligence has established Nairobi through their embassy in Kenya for intelligence operations against the Kampala regime.

By Gakwerere Rpf

According to reliable information obtained, in a space of two months, Colonel Andrew NYAMVUMBA, the DMI chief and criminal Paul Kagame’s blue eyed boy has made more than 9 trips to Nairobi, Kenya. Rwanda’s head of Military Intelligence doesn’t move without a purpose.

For the past 3 months, Kenya has been turned into DMI operation hub to destabilise Uganda, especially the regime of President Museveni. After CMI deploying heavily in South – Western Uganda to counter DMI operatives entering the Country. DMI established Nairobi, especially through the Rwandan embassy in Kenya for intelligence operations against the Kampala regime.

Kenya has a sizeable number of Rwandan descent who moved to Kenya after 1959 when Tutsis were plundered out of the Country, in what is known as the 1959 hutu revolution/uprising. DMI is currently using these Kenyans of Rwandese descent for intelligence work. For information purpose, double agent Kale Kayihura’s wife – Angella Kayihura and the family have been living in Kenya since the early 1960s. They are naturalized Kenyans.

The horror movie of foreign instigated regime change in Uganda is still rolling, the bloody bath of innocent people being witnessed in the streets of Uganda and the worst is yet to come, unless patriotic security men and officers deal
decisively against foreign assassins who want to plunge a beautiful country into a Libyan, Syrian or DR Congo model.