Rwandan Website sponsored by Kagame’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) accuses Museveni for killing ASP Kirumira.


The website doesn’t mention a word about kayihura or his Kirumira’s wars and constant criticism of Kagame’s main man General Kale Kayihura who brutally arrested the Late Kirumira and subjected him to torture.

The website further states “ A criminal state took over in Uganda the moment Museveni enlisted Col. Kaka and Gen. Abel Kandiho, known criminals, to head ISO and CMI, respectively.” But doesn’t go ahead to mention a single crime the two security chiefs committed. It’s known the Kaka and Kandiho are very much against Kagame and Kale aggression and together although not friends combined to root out Kagame cells in Kampala.

So why is Rwandan media interested in Uganda’s Affairs, they seems to only report about Ugandan affairs.

It’s clear that the hit in ASP Kirumira was ordered by Rwanda with clear authorization from General Kagame for one Reason Karumira had been made a witness in Crimes committed by General Kayihura‘s right hand man Kitata.

In Kirumira’s statement that “the informant” has had a chance to look at, he states that while performing his duties as the DPC of Old Kampala He was confronted with intelligence information that Mpuugu Joseph, Meddi Bouncer, Uzailu, Soldierman Robert and Sita were planning to break into a Hardware shop and walk away with 300 million, he got a team of police officers and camped at the Hardware to capture the suspects committing a crime, Kirumira further states that suspects broke into the hardware in Nankulabye and police moved in to arrest them, to his surprise before they even reached Old Kampala, the then IGP called Kirumira and ordered him to release them, the IGP sent Kitata to collect them claiming they were on a classified mission. Later Kirumira was transfer to Buyende in the Village as DPC.

It was during his stay in Buyende that he started communicating to General Tumukunde leading to his testimony to general Museveni, Kirumira later recorded a statement and agreed to testified in court against Kayihura and Kitata.

Shockingly two weeks after his official statement he was assassinated, CMI is investigating how Kawukumi got information that Kirumira was a witness within such short time.

Kagame go on the defensive pinning museveni to the murder claiming that it was because of The friendship between BOBI and Kirumira that caused the death of Kirumira, and a picture presented between the two.

Why Kirumira? So many people are friends with BOBI Wine but still walk without guards in Kampala, not so many openly embarrass Kawukumi and his associates, not so many are witnesses in the general court martial.

Government of Uganda should however be blamed for ignoring a fact the DMI is still operational in Kampala and still carrying out missions. The refusal to arrest Frank Mwesigwa a key member of Kuwukumi in exchange of fake intelligence against Kayihura leaves Security of many VIPs at risk.


Where Credibility Matters

By Seruga Titus