Rwandan Defence Minister warns Rwandans against travelling to Uganda

By Seruga Titus

In the attached article Defence Minister James Kabarebe is warning Rwandans to stop “Guhunahuna” in Uganda. Guhunahuna in Kinyarwanda refers to scavenging for food or leftovers mainly done by hungry dogs. The minister goes on to say that Ugandans are jealous of the development in Rwanda.

Mr Kabarebe there’s a reason why dogs “guhunahuna” it’s because they are hungry. Most prostitutes in Kampala bars are Rwandans who are guhunahuna because they are hungry, young people are guhunahuna in Ugandan homes doing domestic work because they are hungry, casual workers, Boda boda riders, farm workers are guhunahuna in Uganda because they are hungry. I am not talking about Ugandan Banyarwanda, I mean Rwandans doing Kyeyo in Uganda. Mr Kabarebe feed your people and give them freedom if you want them to stop Guhunahuna.

This was yesterday in Nyagatare where Kabarebe was addressing about 3000 people who were attending a political education course called Ingando.