Rwanda-Uganda Cold War: Kagame summons security chiefs, Urugwiro meeting details on Museveni leak.


Rwandan president Gen Paul Kagame has held a security meeting with his trusted security chiefs as the relations between Kampala and Kigali continue to become frosty.

According to our highly placed military source from Urugwiro, the meeting which took place on Saturday moments after Kagame had returned from Africa Global Business Forum in Dubai was attended by Fred Ibingira the head of Rwanda’s Reserve Force, Joseph Nzabamwita the head of Rwanda National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) James Kabarebe the minister of defense and Francis Mutiganda the head of Rwanda External Security Organization (ESO).

This military source told this website that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss plan B after Ugandan government embarked on a crackdown and arrest of Rwandan spies operating in Uganda and police officers suspected to have been spying for Kigali.

Recently, the chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) arrested several police officers and a Rwandan former government soldier Rene Rutagungira accused of kidnap and illegal repatriation of former member of Kagame’s body guard Lt Joel Mutabazi who had sought refugee in Kampala and is currently serving life imprisonment in Kigali.

Kigali since last week responded by firing all Ugandan employees working in key positions in Kigali without giving explanations. Their employers were instructed to replace them with qualified Burundian refugees and other Rwandese.

A source also told us that Kagame is not happy with his former Luwero bush war comrade and boss Gen Yoweri Museveni and has promised to deal with Kampala decisively.

It is reported that during Saturday meeting, the discussed measures on how to revenge to Kampala actions including supporting the possible uprising in case the ruling regime in Kampala forcefully changes the constitution to enable president Museveni to re-run for presidency in 2021.

“Kigali is waiting until change is made because president Kagame believes that changing constitution is done deal. He wants to support in flaming the fire that will rise after constitutional change.”

“Kigali is praying for Museveni to change the constitution and use the ant Museveni sentiment to disorganize Uganda and cause Museveni to relinquish power”. A source said.

It is also indicated the meeting also accepted to fund one of Uganda’s key opposition figures and cause civil unrest in Ugandan until the regime falls.

“In the weekend meeting this was also another plan they had but they fear to approach Dr Besigye because they betrayed him in the past. They promised him a lot and gave him nothing in the past and Gen Muntu totally refused to work with them to betray Uganda.”

The source also noted that Kigali is also waiting on the Gen Kale Kayihura’s fate after the arrest of his top aides in police.

There have been reports that Kigali is clandestinely supporting Gen Kayihura to replace president Museveni for president a move Kigali recently denied.

In the meeting, they also discussed Rwanda’s ambassador to Uganda Frank Mugambagye whom they feel he has become too close to president Museveni strong supporters and his worrying relationship with embassy staffs especially Military attaché to Uganda one James Burabyo.

This military source also narrated to us that the meeting also discussed the issue of Kigali seasoned operatives in Uganda who have been visiting Uganda since August this year something the security chiefs said could have been identified by Uganda’s military intelligence.

Kagame denies meeting Museveni in Dubai

New Vision a Uganda government newspaper reported in its Friday print edition that Kagame and Yoweri Museveni had met on the sidelines of the Global Africa Business Forum in Dubai which Kagame addressed on Wednesday.

New vision was quoting state minister for foreign affairs Henry Okello Oryem Okello Oryem, who confirmed the Kagame-Museveni “bilateral meeting.

However, KT press a pro Rwanda government online website reports that the meeting wasn’t reported on Rwanda news, and no tweets, no photos on Flickr which is unusual.

“All engagements that President Kagame takes part are reported before and after they take place on @UrugwiroVillage, the official Twitter account of the President’s office. Within about an hour, photos are always also availed on the official Flickr page”.KT press reports.

Officials who travelled with Kagame also confirmed to KT press that there was no such meeting.