Rwanda: Shamelessly Kagame’s vuvuzela so called journalist making up lies

By Georgian Mugisha-Fitzpatrick

Geeeeeeez! Definitely, that terrible, horrible neighbor from the other side of the river can’t help. I didn’t know that being ruled by a pathologic liar president was contagious. In this day and age, with technology where everything can be verified within a second. Shamelessly #Kagame’s vuvuzela so called journalist making up lies…literally out flat lies.

Oh well, it looks like in #Kagameland to survive, these #Kagamists losers have to make sure the neighbors are in endless crisis! But, truth is my brother, the honorable #Abega didn’t think twice, he chased down those 5 criminals, despite getting shot and sustain a minor wound. The good news is the 5 criminals were immediately apprehended and Abega is enjoying his life, surrounded by his loved ones.

So, before the #AfricanHitlerKagame mouthpieces celebrate they should hold their pioneers! There is no “#BurundiCrisis.” Abega was not “beaten”. Abega was not “seriously wounded”. Losers!