Rwanda has completed its final preparations to attack Uganda.

Breaking Intelligence

A determined Pilato (General Paul Kagame) yesterday addressed his high command meeting in high secrecy at his presidential boardroom. “I have information that Uganda is preparing equip rebels in Congo with heavy weapons to attack Rwanda, we can not let this happen, we must attack Ugandan bases before they make their move.” Said the self proclaimed Rwandan King Pilato.

Uganda continues to deny any involvement in recruiting, training and sponsoring enemies of Pilato, on contrary Uganda says it has arrested many Rwandan military officials that have crossed over to Uganda and operated illegally against international laws.

Uganda further alleges that Rwanda is sponsoring (funding) opposition groups and particularly funding chaos in Kampala in order to weaken government for its immediate take over by proxy.

On 22 December 2018 Pilato lost up 2 million dollars that he instructed his agents to hand over to a group that proved to DMI that it were in advanced stages of preparing war against the UPDF, the group later disappeared and no attack was made.


Where Credibility Matters

By Seruga Titus