Rwanda deployed Prostitutes at Speak Hotel, Kabalagala, Kansanga, Kabale and Rubaga Road as Spies.

By: Seruga Titus

Rwandese Squirting Prostitutes target army men and unsuspecting high profile individuals interested in long twin towers and the art of squirt. An undercover intelligence officer targeted one is the suspected prostitutes that may or may not work at websites similar to and reveals in a sensitive report that the prostitute specifically asked leading questions, the officer told her he worked with the Army, she then offered to reduce her cost from 20,000 to 10,000 because of his profession. The suspect then offered to even visit his home and offer more goods at no cost. The intelligence officer returned Two days later and this time services where offered free in his car with plenty of squirt, he further explained that he had to remove car seat and dry them. The intelligence officer had a forged army ID that he removed while paying to make sure she sees it.

Surveillance was place on her to establish her movements and who else she spoke to and results were that she travelled to Rwanda every Monday and only Returned on Thursdays she spoke to people that will not be mentioned in this article. She was later issued with a Ugandan ID and passport and enrolled herself into a language school to learn Luganda.

A reliable intelligence source has revealed that these same prostitutes spot Rwandese in Uganda and pass on information to snipper agents to kidnap them and return them forcefully to Rwanda where they are persecuted.

The suspect was arrested on a fake complain of trying to cheat a client, intelligence officers wanted to know how police would treat her, she was released on orders from above within two hours of arrest which was confirmation that she was not just a prostitute but a spy.

Two prostitutes at Speak Hotel have been transmitting information from agents back to Rwanda. An agents parks the car on Speak road for the prostitute who might have worked at to enter, the discussion that follows in not a sex transaction but documents are given and the prosecute is driven off. Police officers collaborating with Rwanda have also used this prostitution system to transmit information and received payments from Kigali for their operations.

These Prostitutes are on standby to start “poison” executions on high Value targets in Kampala.

Intelligence is also investigating a lead that the two tourists may have been poisoned by prostitutes.

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