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By Prof Charles Kambanda

Kagame and his bloody DMI are accused of infiltrating Tanzania’s security organs, for purposes of destabilizing the ” Island” of peace in the Great Lakes of Africa region! A Tanzania Member of Parliament revealed this on the floor of Parliament. Refer to the video clip below

Kagame’s DMI inflitrated, destabilized and ruined DRC. Kagame and his insane assassins infltrated Burundi’s security services and caused the 2015 bloodshed.

Uganda is struggling to dismantle Kagame’s deadly DMI that had taken over Uganda’s security, thereby carrying out high profile assassinations and causing unimaginable insecurity in Uganda’s Capital city and beyond.

In Kenya, some physical security analysists suggest that Kagame’s DMI has well established criminal “cells” in Nairobi and other major cities, ready to strike anytime.

Why is Kagame interested in destablizing the neighboring countries?

How does Kagame get away with destabilizing the neighboring countries?

Who sponsors Kagame’s criminal network in the region, when Rwandans are dying of hunger and famine?

For how long will the neighboring countries take Kagame’s gibberish?

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