Rtd Col Dennis Karera owns nothing, his bank accounts confiscated and he is under house arrest.

What happens in criminal Paul Kagame’s land is beyond comprehension. On 24th/07/18, Rtd Col Dennis karera was being referred by gullibles and oppressed Rwandans as a tycoon. On 25th/07/18, he was kidnapped on his way to work by members of criminal Paul Kagane’s presidential guards. He was taken to Kinyinya safe house, psychologically tortured, asked about a particular conversation he had with the now incarcerated Gen Karenzi Karake about Uganda and the great lakes region as a whole.

He was asked about on whether he has a working relationship with the British Intelligence services/MI6 or the French external intelligence agency. He was told to explained – go through some of his wealth and explain how he has been acquiring the cash. Remember, Criminal Paul Kagame owns 90% of the financial banking system in Rwanda, therefore, his DMI operatives monitor accounts of oppressed citizens.

By the time Rtd Col Dennis Karera was released on wee hours of Wednesday morning, 08/8/2018, the Rtd Col was broke and a pauper with all his wealthy signed off to criminal Paul Kagame. As I post this, Rtd Col Dennis karera owns nothing, his bank accounts confiscated and he is under house arrest.

After being kidnapped, I posted on how his family are worried about his health conditions because he is a diabetic sufferer. Inside the safe house, his health conditions was deteriorating, and criminal Paul Kagame ordered his assassins to release him after he signing of all his wealth, and be sanctioned to house arrest.

As of today, the always jovial Rtd Col Dennis Karera is quiet – totally not talking, shocked to what has happened to him and depressed. The most shocking part of this, the people that criminal Paul Kagame sent to kidnap and psychologically torture Mzee Dennis Karera are all somehow related to him. This is how far the Rwandan society has broken, where nephews and cousins are participating in the kidnap and torture of their own relative in the name of making satan happy.

By Gakwerere