Criminal Paul Kagame’s suppression, oppression and persecution against evangelical churches is reminiscent of the persecution of Judaism during the Holocaust.

Last year, the SATANIC junta system closed more than 6000 churches in what they called “restoring sanity.” Now, to start a community church in Rwanda, you need 18 different approvals, meaning approvals from 18 different offices. And in one way or another, money has to exchange hands in order to secure these approval signatures.

Over the years, churches, especially evangelical and Adventist churches have always paid a monthly or yearly proportion of their income to RPF coffers, the SATANIC political party in power. Before, different churches would pay around 10% of their yearly earnings to RPF coffers, but in 2015, the RPF secretariat started inviting different church readers to be informed on new contribution payment tariffs.

In Rwanda, criminal Paul Kagame controls around 80% of the banking system. DMI operatives monitor bank accounts of citizens, especially those people of interests. For years, the RPF secretariat through DMI had been monitoring bank accounts of popular evangelical and Adventist churches, after seeing their huge savings and monetary balance sheets, in 2015 RPF secretariat decided to invite respective church leaders and set new contribution – payment tariffs in accordance to their bank balances.

For those church leaders who were invited in these meetings and happen to refuse new payment fees set for them, they started seeing internal revolts within their respective churches, revolts which were heavily castigated by DMI operatives. In 2015, various church leaders were ousted by their deputies or delegates as DMI leaning Church leaders took over.

It was during this time that Apostle Paul Gitwaza relocated to USA on a self imposed exile with his family resettling in USA permanently. Apostle Paul Gitwaza only returned to Rwanda after realizing that his Zion Temple churches were soon to be grabbed by his DMI leaning deputies, he decided to write to RPF secretariat and accepted the yearly payment of 20% in accordance to Zion Temple’s annual receipt. And when he returned from the USA, his first move was to sack his deputies who had plotted for a coup.

Now, 2019, Apostle Paul Gitwaza has seen and realized that the persecution of evangelical churches is too much, and he has decided to relocate to USA permanently.

While Apostle Paul Gitwaza is planning on his permanent relocation to USA, the SATANIC junta system has imposed another rule – the banning of Evangelical prayers on Rwanda’s universities and all tertiary institutions.

Gakwerere Rpf