President Paul Kagame’s son Ivan Cyomoro living like a king in USA in $3M mansion

IVAN CYOMORO KAGAME BOUGHT A NEW PROPERTY – HOUSE IN USA – 22 MAY 2018. While thousands of civil servants are always receiving their salaries late, while civil servant salaries has remained stagnant for the last 5 years, while hospitals are dilapidated with no medicines, while redundancies are on increase, while prices of food – commodities on the market are increasing on daily basis (inflation), while the education system is in a sorry state, while youth unemployment is hitting the roof, while state kidnappings, incarceration, torture and killings are daily occurrences…etc. For the Kagames, they are buying properties – houses all over the USA.

Below it’s a new property that Ivan Cyomoro Kagame bought in New York on 22 May 2018, and the property was worth more than $ 2 Million USA dollars.

Now, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame owns 2 properties in New York and another one in San Francisco, in northern California. Without forgetting that Ange Kagame owns a property in Boston – Massachusetts. Obviously, there are other unknown properties that they own in USA.