Pilato AKA Kagame is planning to attack Uganda

Pilato AKA Kagame is busy educating Rwandans how bad Ugandans are, his next plan of action is to use them to attack Uganda and fight Ugandans based on hate.

Information coming through from Kigali to Ugandan intelligence is that the Kigali regime has started on a propaganda campaign against Ugandans.

Initially, they told innocent Rwandese back home that Uganda had caused the border closing because it was arresting Rwandese and torturing them in Uganda, the administration never told Rwandese that those that were being arrested were criminals, individuals sent to Uganda on subversive missions which included kidnapping fellow Rwandese, killing those who refused to spy for them, killing those who deserted from their ideology, killing high profile people to create insecurity within masses, killing Moslem leaders that had refused to join ADF which is sponsored by Kagame, killing Moslem leaders that had got amnesty from ADF for fear they would disclose details of operations. These coupled with spying of uganda caused the arrest of criminals who unfortunately had Rwanda ties.

Rwanda has never arrested a Ugandan spying on her inside Rwanda, why? It’s because Uganda has no such intentions. At one point Rwanda arrested two Ugandans ladies from the Netherlands that had traveled to meet family but the matter was sorted with the Netherlands.

Rwandans have been informed that the battle field should be in Uganda not Rwanda 🇷🇼 and this alone will teach Ugandans a lesson to respect Rwanda.
The show-off of rebel spokesman Sakara was to create public sympathy and reason for the Kigali regime’s behaviour and give the regime reason to attack Uganda or sponsor similar alleged activities in Uganda, initially Kigali had claimed that there were no such rebels called FNL, its is by law in Rwanda the terrorist and rebels are charged in the army court martial only for this time the suspect was charged at primary school lower court.

Intelligence in Uganda 🇺🇬 is very much aware of the impact Rwandan Propaganda can be to societies that have fewer resources this is why innocent Rwandese are still allowed to enter Uganda.

Unlike Kenya that dismissed the Rwandan Ambassador Jack Nziza who is now a General in the Army for subversive activities in Kenya, Uganda has refused to dismiss the Rwandan Ambassador who has been implicated in numerous murders already.

Museveni is known to make a move only when he is ready and at that time he doesn’t turn back, the 2021 elections don’t give Museveni enough time thou. He has to act now because the closer he moves to elections the more venerable the situation becomes. After elections, it will be difficult to deal with Rwanda.

Assuming the Situation remained like this until 2021 without putting Kagame in his lane where he actually belongs, Rwanda will have the opportunity to attack Uganda at our weakest moment. Kagame has the opportunity to stop our forces in case we have a new leader this is because the army will have to undergo change of leadership in terms of command and structure, museveni having been the centre bolt a lot can happen then.

This leaves Uganda one option, deal with this Rwanda Crisis now or let him have us for dinner in 2021.

Unfortunately for Uganda we have limited options, Kagame’s problem are the people who talk about his leadership as undemocratic in Kampala and abroad and they have bases in Uganda, his reasoning may sound sensible but it’s not supported under international law and human rights, freedoms of speech and expression should be respected across borders, Belgium cannot handover me to Museveni for criticizing him when I feel like nor can Belgium stop me, Museveni can not blame Belgium for allowing me the freedom of expression I exercise during my stay because he is aware that he has no standing under Belgium and international law to make such demands. The same should apply to Kagame and Rwanda while trying to force Uganda’s hand, Kagame’s attempts to have Belgium suffocate me for my continued criticism and nationalistic tendencies are illegal and a breach of my human rights, therefore can’t be respected by any country in Europe were international law is paramount. This being the case Kagame has no reason to hate Uganda, he should talk to his opponents than ask or force Uganda to send then back home to be persecuted.

Under International law no person should be returned to a country where that person can be subjected to persecuted, death or torture. This means Uganda can not in anyway fulfill Kagame’s demands without going against International law. Such an act can put Uganda’s already fragile image at risk. England vs Russia of the assassination of a Russian dissident, many Russian Businessmen including the Chelsea Owners were expelled from England, so Uganda has all the reasons to expell all those it considers collaborators of a regime that kills people running to Uganda.

Under international Law Uganda is mandated to protect the lives of every refugee or refugee applicant, it is this same reason that Kenya gave while expelling the Rwandan ambassador and the same reason that South Africa gave while breaking ties with Rwanda for killing a high profile refugee inside South Africa. Uganda has been the only country that has not taken action against Rwanda but the use of Uganda Police to carry out actions of the Rwandan Military Intelligence (DMI) prompted General Museveni to dismiss his Inspector General of Police, arrest him and his colleagues.

Kagame aka Pilato should stop his propaganda and sit down with his competitors for a mature political talk or face their criticism abroad.

As for my, I dont engage myself in politics of Rwanda but concerned about my country and the crime rate caused by another country, my interest in Rwanda is motivated by their aggression against my people, as soon as intelligence information clear Kagame as a friendly partner to Uganda I will ceasefire.

By Seruga Titus


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