Paul Kagame has become the chief publicist for RNC (Rwanda National Congress).

By Rpf Gakwerere

It is called an obsession. In the morning it’s all about RNC (Rwanda National Congress), in the afternoon RNC, evening RNC at night RNC, when he is slapping, kicking or spitting at his house boy generals it’s all about RNC; when on top of Pio Mugabo’s 25 year old daughter the dude is also thinking about RNC….etc.

Every day, he has different stories, theories or personal delusions about RNC. Criminal Paul Kagame has a phobia over RNC – idée fixe.

In 2012, his obsession over RNC drove him to direct his DMI operatives under the command of Lt Col Faustin Kalisa to throw grenades in different locations around Kigali as a means and method of trying to destroy the RNC by creating fabricated stories about these horrendous acts of human rights abuses as RNC crimes.

Unfortunately, as usual, the public didn’t buy the government’s lying version of shifting their criminal acts to the door of RNC. Their evil plan of trying to tarnish the image of RNC backfired.

You need to have a serial killer’s mind that drives you to kill people that your supposed to protect for the purose of trying to fabricate a case against your opponents. Criminal Kagame is totally a purified serial killer!

What’s up with criminal Paul Kagame and his obsession over RNC? The dude has become the chief publicist for RNC ( Rwanda National Congress). This political organisation is now known in Rwanda and the region, largely because of Rwanda’s serial killer and his inept thugs within DMI.

As they say in Public Relations, “when someone is marketing you, just relax, take a back seat and let the lifter do your branding while destroying his own brand.” The RNC has become a brand thanks to criminal Paul Kagame’s own obsession over this political organisation.