Paul Kagame and his daughter block Kenyan rapper on twitter

  • Kenyan rapper Mwafreeka has been blocked on twitter by President Kagame
  • Mwafreeka was blocked allegedly over his tweets against Kagame’s presidency
  • This comes days after Ange Kagame shut down a troll by a Kenyan on Twitter

Days after the daughter of Rwandan President Paul Kagame shut down a twitter troll in style, a Kenyan rapper has been put down like a hot potato.

Makarios Ouma alias Mwafreeka has been blocked on twitter by President Kagame and his daughter Ange.

Mwafreeka revealed the development in what was perceived as final bolt on his unhinged attacks targeted at the Rwandese First Family.

“Like father like daughter. Anyway I insist I hate dictators and I don’t care who loves them.

“People dreaming that a dictatorship would work in Kenya must know some of us would resist.

“We actually value our individual freedom of expression more than,” opined Mwafreeka.

The vocal rapper who is known to speak his mind had in the past not spared the Kagames his rants that they were suffocating the space of democracy in their country.

Mwafreeka had argued that Kagame was suppressing freedom and claimed that he was using a dictatorial fist to crush dissent.

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