By: Titus Seruga

Partial List of victims to Kayihura – Nickson and Anguma, in the illegal repatriation of Refugees to Rwanda is released on this wall, please note that only two individuals are still alive and locked up for life in prison.

This is shocking to read names of individuals and families killed at the hands of General Kayihura and his police that ignored Ugandan Laws and intentional laws by returning refugees to Rwanda in fake accusations only to be killed.

The UN is investigating these cases and more for the purpose of bringing Uganda and individuals to answer for these crimes. Meanwhile President Museveni is holding on to a dirty Kayihura.

Some of these were killed in Uganda after fighting to stay, Uganda Police officers were paid 5000 USD uganda shillings 15 million shillings per head delivered dead or alive.

1. Ntabana Emma was relative to late Col Patrick was kidnapped on his way to town by Rutaganira Rene and police commanded by IGP Kale Kayihura(Agasirwe Nixon and Aguma Joel) he was killed in Rwanda.

2. Sankara Eduard was kidnapped on Kampala road by Ugandan Police and was killed in Rwanda.

3. Munyaruguru Emanuel a Norwegian of Rwandan origin was kidnapped with 10 family members on their way from wedding and all were killed and the group of ten were refugees in Uganda.

4. Mutabazi Joel was kidnapped by Aguma Joel and was handed over to his tormentors Rwandan operatives he is now on life sentence.

5. Jackson Kalemera was kidnapped with his brother Lt.Joel Mutabazi and he was killed in Rwanda.

6. Nyirikwaya Augustine kidnapped on his way to Nakivale and was handed over to Rwandan operatives in Mbarara he was reported dead.

7. Rukundo Olivier was a Spanish national of Rwandan origin was kidnapped on his way from his relatives in kisoro and his on life sentence in Rwanda.

9. Jerome Ndagijimana was kidnapped from Kyegegwa on his way to Kampala by Ugandan police and Rwandan operatives and he was beheaded.

10. Olivier Sebakara was kidnapped in mbarara by police in plain and was handed over to Rwandan operatives and was killed.

11. Pascal Manirakiza kidnapped tried to kill him and dumped him on road but he was needed by police and Rwandan embassy to finish him due to his interview with BBc and voa.

12. Manzi Mutuyiman was killed after handing him over to Rwandan operatives by Ugandan police.

13. Godroi Ndayambaje was killed in Uganda by Rwandan operatives and Ugandan police.

14. Jean Marie

15. Charles Ndikuyeze was kidnapped in Kampala by Ugandan police and was handed over to Rwandan operatives he is said to have died as well.

16. Rwamucyo Alphonse was kidnapped in Mbarara and handed over to his tormentors Rwandan operatives.

17. Kalisa Innocent was kidnapped by Ugandan Police in Kabaragara on his way to see his sister and was handed over to Rwandan operatives and he is on life sentence.

18. Ingabire Charles was journalists of inyenyerinews was shoot in Kampala by Rutagungira Rene and people were scared to see his body.

19. Niyonzima Eric was gunned by police and Rwandan operative Philemon Ruzibiza.

20. Ndahiro Aloys was killed in Nakivale.

21. Mukangarambe Melanie was shot in Nakivale by police.

22. Nyirakamana Cecilia was killed in Nakivale.

23. Mugenzi was shot in Masindi by Ugandan police with Rutagungira Rene.

24. Mutuyimana Agnes was killed in Kampala.

25. Muhire was shot while trying to jump over the track by Ugandan police in forced repatriation exercise in Nakivale.

26. Mukeshimana was killed in clouds of people who were running out of repatriation exercise in Nakivale.

27. Mukamana and her children were killed also in Nakivale forced repatriation exercise.

28. Mugisha Silas was shot in nakivale.

29. Kanamugire Jean Paul was shot in mbarara.

30. Dusingizima Pacifique was killed

31. Kimonyo was slaughtered

32. Hategekiman Jean Marie was killed by Unhcr driver